02 July 2007

Wallpaper, Be Gone!

If you recall from a post way back in January, my word of the year was "ORDER". Several things have delayed progress on the ORDER I need to achieve in my life, but now -- get out of the way! Things are starting to happen! How, you might ask, is re-decorating part of this goal? It falls under the heading of creating a simplified, comfortable, and presentable (read: not embarrassing) home environment. AND...it has to do with setting home improvement goals and actually accomplishing them. While I presume this is relatively straightforward for most homeowners, it is no easy task for us.

On the subject of the wallpaper, I am delighted to report that the dreaded fruit wallpaper -- which I loved ten years ago but now despise -- is gone (with the significant exception of the border hung by the builder with Superglue). Very soon, we will paint the walls in our kitchen a lovely shade of green (think: guacamole), which I believe is going to look just dandy with our new counter tops. One of these days, we'll paint the laundry room and half-bathroom a delightful shade of gold (think: dark cornbread). And soon after that, we'll paint the dining room a lighter and darker shade of green than the kitchen. Even though the nice young man at Home Depot who mixed up the paint loved the color scheme, DH seems to despise it. I believe he thinks we will soon be living in "That 70's Show".

On the subject of Lily, she took readily to the ladder. She monitored DH's progress at every turn, and she posed in all sorts of cute positions. I think she's going to look lovely in green, don't you?


Heather said...

Your colors sound great! Although you can never be certain until they are on the wall. That's how my bedroom ended up looking like the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile! Good luck with your projects!

Rachael said...

I can't wait to see the finished project!!

We have a ton of painting to do this year and I hate doing it!!! LOL

Sharon said...

Things are moving forward at a good pace. It must have something to do with the new contractor that you have on site aka Lily. She is keeping an eagle on the proceedings to be sure that there is progress.

Maureen said...

Ah cats and ladders....been there. They just seem to think that you bring out the ladder for THEIR use, don't they??? Within seconds of setting one up in our living room, we had two cats fighting for top spot.

clhenry99 said...

I love the picture of your kitty playing on the ladder! We just had to put one of our cat's down last week, it was not good.
It is nice to see a cat so happy and playing! Can't wait to see your finished walls..great woodwork!