04 July 2007

Gardening Notebook: July

I've been making an effort to take more photos of my perennial gardens this year, primarily so I can document how they are developing and remember the problem areas. Here are some observations about my perennial beds in July from my gardening notebook:

* Overall, the color is fairly balanced. Staggered bloom times should ensure color through August.
* In general, the three garden areas I've created on the back of the house are looking better this year than last. If I make some changes this fall and next spring, they should all be in good shape for next summer.
* I need to find a taller variety of zinnia to plant next to the wrought iron fence. Hollyhocks or cosmos would be another option.
* Why, oh why do I have so much yellow coreopsis? A little is alright, but it's everywhere!
* Where is my purple coneflower? It's gone!
* I need to add more native plants to the sun perennial garden.
* There are a couple of awkward spaces in the sun garden that need to be filled.
* The Kansas gayfeather is much too large for the space I've allowed for it. It should be moved to allow space for the globe thistle plant.
* I have never before had a bloom on a sweet potato vine planted in a pot. Does this mean I'll get a sweet potato?
* I need to consider adding another daylily plant next to the existing one on the side of the house. It is doing very well there.
* I need to find some lower growing sun perennials for the edges of the oldest perennial garden.
* I should move some of the astilbe from the front of the house to the new shade perennial garden.

No matter how hard I try, this gardening business is still a matter of somewhat educated trial and error. And that's OK. For me, it's the journey, in addition to the destination, that makes gardening worthwhile.


Sharon said...

Love your flower beds, Janet. Wish mine looked as good. How do you get the coreopsis and the salvia to stand so straight? Mine want to fall over. I also need to transplant some of it next spring or maybe this fall.

CMChristine said...

Wow! What beautiful plants and flowers.