14 July 2007

State Fair Mini-Album

Soon it will be August, and one of my favorite activities of the year will be upon us: the Iowa State Fair. Iowa's fair is not as big as Minnesota's, but my understanding is that it is widely considered to be one of the best in the nation. My family actually camps at the fair and spends the better part of two weeks exploring every aspect of it. We've attended the fair since I was a baby, and we all know that was quite some time ago!

With this in mind, I was only too happy to create a few samples of fair-related projects for the store where I teach. Here are some photos of a 4x12 mini-album that I created using
cardstock, matching patterned paper, epoxy stickers and journaling block stamps. If you've never tried making a 4x12 album, it's very simple and uses your cardstock efficiently! This particular album will accommodate several 4x6 (or smaller) photos of memorable fair activities.

Edited to add: As we get closer to fair time, I'll be posting more about it. In addition to camping and spending a lot of time at the fair, we also enter various items in "open class" competitions. This year, DD is taking a teddy bear (which she is sewing today) and several dessert items (the food competition at our fair is the largest in the nation!). DH, DD and I each entered photos this year. (Competition is stiff, so we'll be incredibly lucky if one is even selected for display.) But..most exciting of all, this year, DD and I decided to enter Lily in the Household Pet Cat Competition! Now, that will provide me with ample blog material, I'm sure!


toners said...

This looks like a fun size of album to play with :) Beautiful work!

jp said...

Thanks, Toners! It is a great size. Super easy to work with! Janet

Maureen said...

Wow, so cool... both the album and the fair! Wish we had those up here; the closest we get is the Red River Ex, which lasts two weeks but is more of a carnival than fair. And since I can't ride (I can't even watch without getting queasy), we don't go anymore :(

Really nice job on the mini book!

jp said...

Thanks, Maureen! Sounds like you need to plan a trip down south! :-) We have a "midway" at the fair (rides and games) but I get queasy, too, so we never spend any time there. I love seeing the animals, the exhibits, competitions, shows, and just people watching! Check the post as I just added a bit more about the fair... :-)

Maureen said...

Hah! Good luck to you all in the competitions; and best of luck to Lily!!! Can't wait to hear all about her adventures there!