20 July 2007

IASAR Formed: Sensitive Motorists Sought

Des Moines, Iowa. The blogging world reported this week that a new organization has been formed for the sole purpose of rescuing stuffed animals found by the side of the road.

The organization,
International Association for Stuffed Animal Rescue, will be global in scope, reports Maureen of "I'd Rather Be Blogging."

The new alliance was formed following the recent rescue of
Grandin, a small white teddy bear apparently discarded along a busy thoroughfare of the same name in Manitoba. Grandin's rescue was executed by Maureen and her daughter. Read the full report of this heartwarming rescue here: Teddy Rescue

Maureen says that she was inspired by a similar rescue which took place near Des
Moines some months ago. At that time, Janet of "Of Cats and Cardstock" rescued a stuffed elephant from a roadway on a blustery winter evening. The elephant has since undergone gender modification and now goes by the name "Ellie". Read the full report of this daring rescue here: Rescued

Following Grandin's
rescue, Maureen developed the concept and badge for the international association based a suggestion made by Janet's daughter. She created the organization's motto, "Please help...For those who can't help themselves", to reflect the organization's plea to sensitive motorists. Once the stuffed animal is rescued, the organization expects that the motorist will clean and sanitize it, freshen its bow or frock, and provide it with a new and permanent home.

Janet explained that the name of the organization is pronounced "Eye-A-Sar", not "Eyesore" as suggested by someone not directly involved in rescue work. Although the association is in its infancy with only two charter members, she is confident that it will grow with lightening speed. Already, she has received a request for a window decal. Travel mugs and t-shirts will surely be next.

After all, who can resist a dirty stuffed animal lying by the side of the road?


Janet's DD said...

Well, if you really do think about it, I was right in saying that it should be pronounced "eyesore" (that would be ah-ee soh-er phonetically). :D

Maureen said...

Ah, excellent post, President Janet! I am so glad the graphics meet with you and your daughter's approval -- and who knows? Perhaps more will join the fight because of your vigilence and dedication to this fine charity...


Heather said...

I love it!!!