28 July 2007

Mini-Album: Life With a Teenager

Here's a project I made a few weeks ago for our store's book club. We meet every month to discuss a current scrapbooking idea book and share projects we have made with the products provided in the previous month. There are no rules: You can make something inspired by the book, or you can make whatever you want. You can make something with that month's products, or you can use something totally different. (Clear as mud?) Anyway, we always have a great time, and Darci (our fearless facilitator) doesn't care if we have nothing to show for ourselves. In fact, I don't think you could ever get kicked out of book club, even if you never do your homework.

This particular time, our product kit included the metal tin and a set of Ki Memories Organized Hip Chip Arrows and Tags (Darci is also a Ki addict). In a previous month, we had received the large Bazzill flower chip and green cardstock chip topper, along with some other goodies. The rest of the stuff I pulled from my extensive, ever-growing stash of Ki.

I started this project with an idea to create a place to put all of the "Zits" comics that plaster our refrigerator. (I've made a few into layouts, but who wants to create that many scrapbook pages based on a comic strip? I sure don't.) I scanned and re-sized all of the comics from our fridge and put them in this little chain-bound book. On the flip side of each page, I'm placing photos of DD which illustrate the particular aspect of life with a teenager described in the comic.

This is another project which is consistent with my personal style. Lots of straight lines, stripes (gosh, that looks like Ki My Guy!), brown printer ink, a little ball chain...some of my favorite things.

Along with my teenager, of course.


Maureen said...

Wow, what a great idea!!! I LOVE this; I am always pointing out comics (which I collect too) to the family to laugh at... what a great way to keep your favorites and relate them to your family's everyday life. I may just be stealing this idea, Janet!!!

jp said...

Maureen, I'd feel great if you could use this! Anything to get the comics off the fridge, IMHO! :-) Thanks for your comments! Janet

Tracy said...

This is such a cool ideas. It looks brilliant! Way to goooo!

Jill said...

I love Zits! And the album - very nice looking & I love the colors!!!!!

jp said...

Tracy and Jill - Thanks for your comments! Fun project to make and easy to add stuff to. TFL! Janet