30 July 2007

Floor space

I teach an organization class at our store. Yep, I do.

You may be skeptical from seeing this picture, but I'm actually a very organized person. My scrapbook supplies all have specific homes, most of them labeled. My cardstock is in rainbow-colored order, my embellishments are sorted by color, and my acrylic stamps are stacked in alphabetical order in CD cases.

But when I'm in the middle of a project (which is 95% of the time), watch out! Things look really bad for a period of time, until I take an hour and put everything away.

I have a couple of tables, but I never work at them. I always work on the floor, which (in a way) gives me unlimited space. When one area becomes cluttered, all I have to do is scoot over. Can't do that with a table, ya know.

Once when I was left alone to scrapbook for the weekend, I took over floors in several rooms before I finally picked everything up. Mega mess, but I did get several layouts done.

One day, I'd love to have a beautiful, sun-filled studio with a center island. I'd have countertops and little nooks for all of my tools. I'd have tall stools for perching and comfy chairs for reclining.

And I'd probably still work on the floor.


mum on the run said...

LOL!! I could have written that and taken the picture myself!! I'm EXACTLY the same :)

toners said...

LOL!! Great post! I think there are many of us who could post a very similar photo!!

Lynn said...

Janet, this is just a wonderful post! I love it! I might have to contact you for organizational tips. I am not organized at all. My sister loves to scrapbook on the floor. I just can't because of my back. It is a great unlimited space like you said though.

Colleen said...

I think it's hilarious that you have 2 tables and scrap on the floor! I say go for it if you get things done though!

Lynn said...

Hey Janet, just wanted to let you know that I did not do any scrapbooking this weekend. I ended up getting involved in helping dh with stuff in the garage. I'm thinking of going down there tonight while I watch Hells Kitchen. Hopefully something creative will come out of me. lol. Thanks for taking the time to ask about me. You are truly a great friend.

Jill said...

My mom told me once that I have "pockets of organization". People always think I'm so organized when they see my "pockets", but it's really only a coping strategy for total flakiness. I'd never, ever find ****anything**** if I didn't have a pocket of organization or two, bec. I'm sure never going to *remember* anything!

jp said...

Jill- That's a good way of describing it...pockets. I can't remember anything, either. It's scary, actually. I attribute it to motherhood, but it could be that my hard drive is full. I dunno. :-) Janet