17 July 2007

Mini-card set

Mom liked the triangular box I gave her for her birthday on Sunday. She decided immediately that she’ll use it for a jewelry box. She told DH that she’d like to hire him to paint their bedroom green to match her new box. Ha! That would be the day! DH will not be released for work until he finishes painting our kitchen. That could be a very long time, at the rate he's working.

As you can see from the photo, I put three beads on the bottom of the box for "legs". I stuck them on with my handy-dandy hot glue gun. The beads dressed up the box just a bit. I found a package of four beads on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby for 60 cents. Can't beat the price!

I filled the box with a few goodies and this set of mini-cards. I picked up a package of 10 3x3 cards with matching vellum envelopes on sale at Hobby Lobby. I used scraps and rub-ons to make the cards. They were very quick to finish. Mom always likes having cards on hand, and I think I’ve finally convinced her that it’s OK to actually use the card sets that I make for her: I can always make more!


toners said...

These are gorgeous! I love the idea about using the wooden beads on the bottom of the box :) TFS!

jp said...

Thank you! I love making little square cards these days! They take almost no supplies and are really easy to design. Thanks for your comment about the beads! I saw a box with bead feet at CKU awhile back and thought it was pretty neat. Super easy, too. Janet

Lynn said...

The cards are just wonderful. They are just perfect for a little gift. Love the box. Cute idea to use the beads for feet.

Maureen said...

Beautiful cards and love the feet on the box!

BTW, thanks for visiting my new blog; there's something there by your last comment for you and your daughter ;)

Kristina said...

Love the card set and altered box, Janet! I've used those round balls as feet on terra cotta flower pots. The paper you used is awesome!