22 July 2007

Free publicity!

A reporter from the Des Moines Register called and asked to visit my class at Memory Bound last Tuesday evening. This was a nice surprise! I've never before had a reporter in one of my classes.

In addition to having a great class, I decided that my main goal should be to refrain from doing or saying anything embarrassing, which (if you know me) I'm quite prone to do. (I actually tripped and cut my leg just prior to her arrival. Whew! Got that out of the way early.)

When the reporter arrived, she told me just to continue on as usual and she'd roam around the classroom and catch us in action."OK, everyone, let's act perfectly natural!" I suggested.

As it turned out, the class was very lively, and the reporter (who was not a crafter) appeared have a lot of fun, too. Over the course of the evening, I think we just about hooked her on scrapbooking. (If she had set aside her camera and notebook for even a minute, I would have handed her an ink pad and put her to work.) In fact, the reporter stayed for the entire two hours, taking photos and interviewing each person in class as we completed the project.

The article appeared in Friday's newspaper. You can read an excerpt from it here: article

You can see a gallery of several photos from the class here: photos (click on "Scrapbooking at Memory Bound").

I'm always happy to spread the word about scrapbooking and the great store where I teach. I think the article contributed to both!


BonnieRose said...

how exciting!

Rachael said...

That's so awesome!!

Beautiful project!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

nice use of color

Darcey said...

How Cool! Glad it went well:)

Heather said...

How neat! Maybe the reporter will become a scrapper too. :)

Jill said...

How exciting and congrats! LOL on getting the trip/cut out of the way too. :-)

jp said...

Thank you, guys! It was very fun! Sometime I'll have to blog about the embarrassing things that have come out of my mouth during class. :-) I'm sure you'd love those stories, but I'm not sure I'm ready to post 'em! Janet