29 July 2007

Ready, Teddy?

Yesterday we entered Teddy, DD's latest sewing project, into competition at the Iowa State Fair. Teddy, so named due to an unexpected resemblance to Mr. Bean's bear, sported a lovely teal bow and a competition entry tag.

"He has some issues," DD said as we drove to the fairgrounds. "He'll be lucky if he even gets displayed." I asked her why.

"He has low-quality fur. It's thin in spots."

No big deal, I assure her.

"And he has a green spot on his crotch."

Yikes. Turns out that Zig marker I loaned her to mark the pattern shows through fur. (Oh, yeah...It's for paper.)

Well, I dare say those sewing judges should not be looking at Teddy's crotch anyway.

DD went on to explain that because there is no junior-level category for stuffed toys, Teddy will be competing with the Big Boys in the adult division.

We both know that competition in that division is quite stiff. There could be dolls, dinosaurs, and even bigger bears with plush fur. We won't know who Teddy will face in competition until the judging is complete in a couple of weeks. He's on his own.

Thinning fur and green crotch aside, my money is on Teddy. I mean, who could resist those chocolate brown eyes?

Out of the way, stuffed animals. Teddy will take you down.


Colleen said...

He's so cute! What a wonderful accomplishment to have made him!! Good luck!

Lynn said...

Janet, he is soooo adorable! Your dd should be so proud, she did an awesome job on him. I think he is going to win hands down! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Teddy.

Maureen said...

Go Teddy! Best of luck in the competition! Fingers and paws crossed here for ya.

Theresa said...

I think he's adorable and I'm sure she'll win!

jp said...

Colleen, Lynn, Maureen, and Theresa -- Thanks for your kind words and votes of confidence! We appreciate it! :-) Janet

Rachael said...

He's so cute!! I have to giggle at your story!!

Good luck, Teddy!

Jill said...

Good luck Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jp said...

Rachael and Jill - Thank you! We'll keep you posted on how Teddy does! Janet