05 July 2007

One Gold Wall, Yet So Much More

They say that marriage is all about compromise, right? I've been told by DH that I'm not so good at that. Whether or not that observation is actually true could be the subject of considerable debate, but I won't go there. At least not on this blog. At least not today.

Well, at our house, this newly painted wall (ignore the painter's tape, please) is going to represent Compromise, with a capital C. In my grand new color scheme, it was supposed to be a brownish-brick color, but instead it is Sweet Maple. DH does not want the brick color in our house, so I compromised. Don't get me wrong...I absolutely love it, but I hadn't planned for Sweet Maple to be on this wall. I had planned for it to be the color of the laundry room and the bathroom. In reality, it's probably a good thing that the wall is gold. It's bright and cheery, and it lightens up the hallway. I can tell that it's going to look fantabulous in those other two rooms.

The adjacent kitchen walls, which are not yet painted, will be Tate Olive green. The dining room, also adjacent, will be a darker and lighter shade of olive than the kitchen (Ryegrass and Wilderness, to be exact). David, the nice young man in the Home Depot paint department, thought the color scheme looked like guacamole and corn bread. I can live with that.

But I will find a way to sneak in that dark brick color. Maybe I can find a great piece of art featuring that color and hang it on the gold wall. That would still count as compromise, right?

As a side note, if you've never checked out the Behr ColorSmart website, I'd advise you to do so immediately. I use the ColorSmart tool frequently to pick color combinations for scrapbooking. It's more fun than a person really should have with paint colors. I love it so much that I told David, the nice young man who shook my paint at Home Depot, all about how I use the Behr website for scrapbooking but presumed it could be even more effective when used as it was intended, to select actual paint colors. I even told David how I had picked my color scheme using Bazzill cardstock, taping 12x12 sheets to my walls. AND how you can come pretty darn close to matching Bazzill cardstock to Behr paint. AND, I asked -- not waiting for him to answer -- isn't that just about the coolest thing EVER?

And do you know what he asked me?

"Oh, my. You're not one of those people who lets scrapbooking take over their entire lives, are you?"


"Oh, of course not."

"Well, good, then. Because I know someone like that. She's totally out of control."

And with that, I took my Sweet Maple and Bazzill and ran for the door.

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Jill said...

That's still compromise! And I think it looks kind'a cool *with* the painter's tape, actually. :-) Sure glad you're not one of those scrapbooking nuts! ;-0

So...go take a quick look at my blog dated today (July 6), would'ya??????? Jill