15 July 2007

Supervised Progress

I'm happy to report on this Sunday afternoon that we have seen some progress of late on our snail's-pace re-decorating project. In years past, I made a series of decorating blunders. The purpose of this project is to correct those mistakes and (hopefully) not make any even worse ones in the process.

* The
laundry room has been painted Behr Sweet Maple. I hung my print from an impressionism exhibit I visited in Paris many moons ago. While it doesn't look like a perfect match in the photo, in real life it works well. The shelf over the sink has always been wasted space, so I finally purchased some black leather file boxes at Hobby Lobby for storage and trim. All in all, the new color is a huge improvement over the old white walls.

* One wall in the
kitchen has been painted Behr Tate Olive. In real life, it's more "pea green" than it appears in this picture. The wall to the left of the green wall is also Sweet Maple. The two colors work well together. I really love the color with our new black-ish countertops.

* Spouse is working on removing the last portions of Ugly Border in the
kitchen. It was apparently super-glued on by the builder from whom we purchased this house. After that is finished, the rest of the kitchen can be painted Tate Olive.

No doubt all of this progress is due to Lily's careful supervision from atop the ladder. Note the belly hanging down between the slats of the paint shelf. I'd say that a few more trips up and down the ladder are in order. What do you think?
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Sharon said...

The olive green wall is beautiful. It is not what I expected. I love the Manet picture in the laundry room. With the black boxes, it is looking very put together. You done good. Lily is a good supervisor and yes, she prolly does need to go up and down more than just lay and watch.