26 July 2007

Five Things

On this Thursday, I've tagged myself after reading Maureen's 5 Things here:

Question #1: What were you doing 5 years ago?

It’s hard for me to remember what I was doing five years ago, five months ago, or even five days ago for that matter. Let’s see...that would have been July 2002. I do know that I was teaching classes, just like I am now, and driving DD here and there, just like I am now. I was also a Girl Scout leader at the time, so I was preparing for the upcoming school year of activities. But don't despair: Fortunately, I keep all calendars and planner pages (I’ve never thrown any away) so that I can answer questions like this. Because of this extensive archive, I can tell you precisely what I was doing on this exact day, July 26, 2002: DD would have been 9 years old, and we were headed to Walnut Grove, Minnesota with my parents for the weekend to see the Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant. In fact, we left at 8:00 AM, five years ago today, in case you were wondering about that. Dang! I knew these old calendars would come in handy some day.

Question #2: List 5 snacks you enjoy:

  • Sesame seed sticks -- is that what they're called?
  • Oatmeal Raisin Crisp cereal without milk
  • Ice cream, if we have it around, which is rare
  • Chips and salsa, especially salsa made by DH
  • Anything with dip – veggies, chips, whatever

Question #3: List 5 songs you know all the lyrics to:

I may think I know these lyrics, but this theory will never be tested, since I don’t sing very often, even alone.

  • Most any song from “Phantom of the Opera”
  • Coldplay’s “Fix You”, “The Scientist” and “X&Y”
  • Lots of older Elton John songs, such as “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word” and of course, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  • Most of the songs from “High School Musical” (because I’ve heard them 1,000 times), and the choreography, too
  • For #5, I was going to list the songs that DD’s show choir sang last season, but I’m afraid she’d test me on that. So I’ll list “Happy Birthday” instead.

Question #4: List 5 bad habits:

  • Finishing people’s sentences for them
  • Not picking up after myself, especially in my scrap area
  • Losing my patience
  • Procrastinating
  • Not eating healthful foods

Question #5: List 5 things you would never wear again:

(See photo above...Now, some of the items pictured belong to my mother. Keep that in mind when looking closely.)

Well, this should be easy, seeing that I just rid my closet of each one of these items. Let’s see:

  • My blue and green Pendelton plaid wool jacket and matching skirt. Can you say “bagpipes”?

  • My pink flowered shorts, which looked like they were fashioned from drapes.

  • My black swimsuit with the billowy, tropical top and sporty waist tie (someone almost bought this at the garage sale but came to her senses just before check-out).

  • My green corduroy walking shorts -- Let me just ask you: Where would you walk in green corduroy shorts? I dare say, not far.

  • My red and black plaid turtleneck, purchased for a mighty good price at the outlet mall, but which made me look like a lumberjack or an extra on the “Red Green Show”.

Other than the IRRITATING formatting problems generated by Blogger (GRRR!), this wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, thanks to my calendar archive and my extensive collection of "What Not to Wear" clothing.

Anyone else want to give it a go?


Heather said...

As I read this post, I kept thinking, "Are you sure you're not ME?!?" A) I keep all of my yearly planners - complete with small notations such as who we ate dinner with and where - and have them filed neatly away with my chronologically filed photos all the way back to 1992. (Well, except for 1999, which alas is missing. It's really upsetting!) B) I'm a major "dipper." C) I also have a problem of finishing people's sentences, procrastinating, and being impatient. LOL

Sherri Meyer said...

Cool 5 questions. Great post.

jp said...

Heather - We must be kindred souls! I could never get rid of my calendars. I know I'd never remember anything if I did...it would be like losing my memory (or my mind!).

Sherri - Thanks for visiting! Easy and fun questions to answer. :-)


Maureen said...

Hah! Great answers, Janet.... and to mirror Heather (which, freakily enough, is my daughter's name), were we seperated at birth or something? I mean, look at all the similarities. You should be scared, very scared....


I can't believe you went to Walnut Grove in 2002. In August 2001, we drove there with our daughter, then 10. She LOVED it and bought a Laura Ingalls dress, apron and hat set that was worn that Halloween.

I love seasame snaps too.

I put salsa on everything (well, except chocolate)

I love EJ and YBR too

I can relate to Red Green as well...

Wow, that was indeed spooky.

jp said...

Maureen - This is indeed scary. My DH even noticed it (related to the IASAR post) and he NEVER notices these kinds of things. Twins separated at birth, perhaps??

We bought a LIW dress and bonnet, too. In fact, I just moved it out of DD's closet the other day. We've actually been to several of the Wilder sites, to my DH's dismay...