18 July 2007

5 Things

Yesterday's 2Peas blogging challenge was this: List 5 things you do each and every day, weekday or weekend. Because I'm (at least) a full day behind, I'm posting yesterday's challenge today.

1) Drink coffee with Creme Brulee creamer
I must ease into my day with a couple of mugs of strong, dark coffee. I used to use French Vanilla creamer, but then I discovered Creme Brulee and haven't looked back. I can only drink coffee until about mid-morning. I never drink it during the middle of the day, but I often drink it in the evening.

2) Listen to NPR
I actually keep the radio on all night, listening to BBC via NPR. During the day, whether I'm home or in the car, NPR is my companion. It's an addiction, I think.

3) Check my e-mail (somewhat compulsively)
I'm often tethered to my computer if I'm at home. I would not even guess how many times each day I check my e-mail or peruse something on the Internet. It's amazing how much these things are part of my life.

4) Update my blog and peruse other blogs
I love reading blogs and leaving comments when I have a chance. I recently started to make a concerted effort to update my own blog every day.

5) Review and update my calendar / planner
Our family calendar is on Outlook. I plug in events for DD and me, and DH keys his events into his Palm (actually, DD named it his "Pokey" a few years back after seeing him use the stylus). Every few days, DH points his Pokey at the computer and everything is synced. I have my own Pokey but can't deal with using a stylus, so I print out the calendar pages for my Franklin planner. I'm old-fashioned that way, I guess.

So there you have it: My 5 Things. I'm sure that I have many more daily routines and rituals, but these are 5 that are a consistent part of my life right now.


Colleen said...

Fun to think of all these things we so often so without thinking. You know I like that first one though substitute for French Vanilla creamer!

Heather said...

Great list. I too am and NPR junkie!

Sharon said...

I love lists. That could be one of my 5 things...I make a daily list of things to do.
2. always eat breakfast
3. read the paper
4. check e-mails constantly
5. play on-line solitaire

As you can see I pretty much putz the day away. But, I'm having fun and enjoying life.

Sherri Meyer said...

great list...love the calendar

Heather said...

Have you tried the International Delights Butter Pecan creamer? OMG - soooo good!!!

jp said...

Heather-No, I haven't tried that, but it sounds great! I love butter pecan...It would have to be awesome to beat my Creme Brulee! :-) Janet