11 November 2018

Catching Up on Scrapbooking: DC Album Finished!

 Hey, kids! I recently posted about the super-fast DC album project I had started, and I'm happy to report that after just a few more hours of work this weekend...it's finished! Any scrapbooker knows that a finished album is something to celebrate!😃

As scrapbooking projects go, this one was not greatly important to me but STILL, I wanted the trip to be documented and the photos safely tucked away in an album. So I didn't spend a lot of time on adding details to the pages because -- realistically -- it's not going to see the light of day very often. I kept everything very simple with minimal embellishments and journaling. I made ample use of pocket pages with just a few traditional 12x12 pages so I was able to work through the project very quickly.

 For this trip, I made around 24 full-size pages (including traditional and pocket pages) plus a few 8.5x11 and 6x12 pages. The pages for this trip do not fill an entire album, so I'm planning to put at least part of our family D.C. trip in the same book.

 I found a couple of patterned papers at Memory Bound which I used on a few pages, as well as some layered die cut titles. I can't emphasize how awesome these layered die cuts are for adding just that little "something" to a page with no effort at all! We have these die cuts custom made for us in tons of different themes.

 They are all laser-cut and assembled by hand, and the detail is amazing! If you've never looked at them when shopping at Memory Bound, be sure to check them out! (If you live out of the area, we happily ship anything you might need!)

In addition to pocket pages, I used a very simple page design that I borrowed from my recent Disney album and repeated it whenever I needed a 12x12 page. This design will easily accommodate 3-4 pictures or postcards with a little tweaking. 

Here it is again with 4 photos.

 I also used a second design which worked great for 5 photos.

 With Veterans' Day upon us, it was really interesting to take a closer look at all the photos of Washington, D.C. memorials. This was a whirlwind 4-day school trip, but the organizers somehow managed to take the kids to tons of different memorials and statues. To finish up this album, I read more about them and learned/re-learned a few things myself!

In addition to the D.C. part of the trip, the kids also toured Mount Vernon, Jamestown Settlement, and Williamsburg. 

Jamestown is one of my favorite places to visit! We had visited that area a few years prior to this trip...and thankfully, that trip is already scrapbooked!

This 7th grade school trip sparked Bailey's interest in learning more about the history of our country, so we planned a family trip the following summer. I'm glad this trip is now scrapbooked and can be enjoyed for years to come.

Thanks for stopping by! If you're a scrapbooker, I hope you'll find a little bit of encouragement in these posts. It IS possible to go back and finish that backlog of scrapbooking!

09 November 2018

Feline Friday: Scrapbooking Buddy

 I don't normally scrapbook on the bed, but occasionally if I have something to sort or some mindless task to do, I'll spread out there. That's what I did recently when I was putting some photos into pocket pages for a super-fast DC album project.

It was a Friday night. I was upstairs and Lily was downstairs in her basket, so I fetched her -- basket and all -- and plopped her on the bed with me. She's not much of a scrapbooker, so I wondered how long she would stay.

 As it turned out, she hung out with me for quite some time!

 She occasionally struggled to keep her eyes open, but after a brief Cat Nap, she perked up a bit.

Out of her Expensive Cat Basket, she even offered some advice on a few pages.
 "Put dis pikture HEER, Mommie!" she offered helpfully. Thanks, Lily!

 Then it was back to the basket to finish up that nap!
 As we all know, scrapbooking can be very hard work. But as they say, it's always more fun with a (furry) friend!
Happy Feline Friday!
jp & Lily

08 November 2018

Speeding Through a DC Scrapbooking Project

Hello, friends! It's been a bit since I posted. Still catching up on some projects for the store where I teach, but I have been able to sneak in a few hours of scrapbooking here and there! The key to making progress is this (shocking, I know...): You actually have to work on it! Those photos aren't going to scrapbook themselves!

So when we last talked about this, I was about to embark on a couple of Washington, D.C. projects. The first of those two projects is underway, so I thought I'd share a little bit about my process. This was my daughter's 7th grade social studies trip from 2005, and Spouse went along with her. I have a good number of photos, but not a crazy number, and not a lot of journaling other than photo captions. So I'm really trying to speed through this trip so I can move on to our family trip to D.C., which took place the following summer.

I started by gathering all of my materials. Even back then, you could tell that Bailey lived a "scrapbooking life" -- she knew to save memorabilia from school trips. She purchased postcards as souvenirs, knowing that they'd be nice additions to a scrapbook someday. It's really great to open up a folder and find all of this stuff ready to add to the album! I raised her well! LOL

Even better, she wrote on the backs of all of the photos as soon as we got them back from the developer! This has made things SO MUCH EASIER, as I can just use that information for my photo captions.

I used a trip itinerary to sort the photos into order by Day 1, Day 2, etc. Then I pulled out a few representative pictures and took them, along with some postcards, to Memory Bound where I teach. I picked out a few colors of coordinating cardstock and some pre-made die cut titles.

Next I settled in on a Friday night with my little buddy to start organizing the album. She was good company! (More on that later...)

This album will include lots of pocket pages, so I started by slipping the photos into the appropriately sized slots. Since these are smaller photos -- printed at 3.5x5 many moons ago -- I had to mat them all on 4x6 cardstock. Still, that's a pretty easy proposition...and relatively mindless work!

I used a variety of sizes and configurations of pocket pages throughout the album. As I adhered the photos to the 4x6 cardstock, I wrote the captions onto sticky notes so I could type them up later.

If, for instance, I had a few leftover vertical photos that didn't fit in my horizontal slots, I reserved them for traditional pages. I just shoved everything for those pages down into a 12x12 sheet protector to work on later.

 I continued along like this until all the photos had a "home" in the album. All of this was accomplished in one long evening while watching TV with my furry friend.

The next time I worked on the album, I moved back into my crafting area where I could actually start putting it together. That meant adding color to some pages, typing up the journaling, and finishing up the traditional pages.

While I was working on the pages, I remembered that Spouse and Bailey had EACH received one of those ginormous group photos after the trip. I found both of them in the back of the guest room closet...go figure! Then I got really crazy and decided that if I could make it work, I would actually put one giant photo in the album and recycle the other one. I first made sure that cutting it in half would not interfere with the image of either Spouse or Bailey, then I got really brave and just did it. Seriously...why not? The photo is not doing anyone any good hidden away in the back of the closet! Now I'm really happy that it's in the album!

As I went through the folder of memorabilia, I found a couple of small bags filled with postcards. The bags were nice so I decided to use them as pockets for brochures and itineraries. Are they acid-free? Probably not, but they're not holding photos so I'm willing to risk slight deterioration. The clear bag at the left holds the trip itinerary...

...and the brown paper bag holds my daughter's notes from the trip.

I just have a few more pages to finish up and this album will be done. I'll be sure to share more of it then!

Back to work...no time to waste! :)

02 November 2018

Feline Friday: A New Friend for Halloween

I haven't seen Neighbor Kitty in a very long while.  He didn't come to visit at all over the summer, in spite of the catnip I planted just for him. I hope that he's simply being kept inside these days, but I fear something has happened to him. 😢

In his place, and apparently living at the same house, is an all-black kitty. Although I've been seeing him around, I hadn't actually met him until...fittingly...Halloween.

Any cat person knows that the absolute WORST place for a black cat is outside on Halloween. We live in a very safe neighborhood so the chances of anything dire happening are probably slim, but why take a chance??? 

While looking out the front window waiting on little goblins, I noticed that Black Kitty was following trick-or-treaters down the street. I'll admit it was pretty cute to see a black cat trailing costumed kids on Halloween, but I decided that I would try to lure him over to our house to keep him safe.

 It didn't take much luring! I just called out to him and Black Kitty trotted right over, settling down to spend a good portion of the evening with me. Turns out he is just as friendly as Neighbor Kitty and loves to be held. As trick-or-treaters came to call, they thought he was my cat!

Black Kitty would have been quite happy to come right inside with me. In a weak moment, I halfway considered it but Lily (safely sequestered in the basement) would not have been pleased!

Besides that, letting him inside might have been considered catnapping, which I've actually done a time or two...😉

  Such a sweet boy! I am glad he stayed safe on Halloween!


26 October 2018

Feline Friday with Rory


Janet Lee Logan

There's magic inside you.

Anything is possible.

Dreams can come true.

You don't need wings to fly.

It's okay to be different.

 And always believe in yourself even if 
nobody else does!

 Happy Feline Friday from our little unicorn, Rory!

21 October 2018

Catching Up on Scrapbooking: 2006!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back in the saddle again -- the scrapbooking saddle, that is. I have been super busy with preparation for Christmas classes and haven't touched my albums in several weeks -- probably months. 

But now that the big projects I've been working on are under control, I decided to take a gander at where I left off many moons ago with my chronological family albums.

Oh, yeah...2006.

I've been finishing up YEARS of incomplete scrapbooking.
I had no idea how much scrapbooking I had done on that year, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the answer was...A LOT! This was a relief because 2006 spanned our daughter's 8th and 9th grade school years and marked the beginning of a very busy period in our lives. 
 Fortunately almost all of the major family and school events were already in the scrapbook, with the exception of just a few odds and ends AND the great Iowa State Fair, which I hadn't even printed. So I quickly uploaded a "reasonable" number of photos to Walgreens and picked them up later that same day.

With everything gathered, I got to work. Within just about three days time, I had finished everything on these albums, growing the existing two albums into three to accommodate all of the school programs, certificates, newspaper articles, and several state fair pages.

My memorabilia folders included several newspaper articles.  I normally copy them onto acid-free paper but I'll admit that, since I'm trying to move this process along, I didn't do that in every case. Guess I'm living on the edge!

 For some reason, there was a lot of newspaper coverage of our marching band that year and I saved EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE. Since Spouse helps with marching band, I decided I should keep them all.

 I just interspersed them with the scrapbook pages I'd already done. 

I had also skipped over quite a number of "everyday" photos like pictures from my garden. I added them in. 

In 2006, I attended a great class with Ali Edwards in which we started an 8x8 "Today You" album. I kept all the components hoping to finish it someday but unfortunately, I never did. So I recently dismantled the box of papers for other uses, and I decided to add the small pages into my 2006 albums. That worked just fine and made me feel better about not finishing that album.

  A lot of time was spent adding in programs and certificates between existing scrapbook pages. This task is super easy with 3-ring binders!

Finally, I put together several pages from the state fair. Back in those days, I took a ton of pictures...and of course, I'm glad that I did now that both of my parents are gone. Fair pictures are always hard for me to work with, but I'm really glad they are safely preserved in an album now.

 For this set of pictures, I picked up several sheets of coordinating paper and used it throughout the fair pages.

The 2006 albums actually have very few pocket pages, since most of the scrapbooking was already done on traditional pages, but I did use several for the fair section. That particular year, Bailey entered multiple contests and came home with a red and blue ribbon. Spouse also served as a judge for the chili cook-off.

 The "good" thing about working with old photos is that you realize how much you really DON'T remember -- or is that a bad thing? I had totally forgotten that we took Lily, then just a few months old, to visit at the fair campground that year. In retrospect, this seems like a particularly BAD idea. She's actually sitting outside in the photo below WITHOUT A HARNESS. I would never, ever do that today! What were we thinking? LOL

In looking back at my photos, I noted that 2006 was the height of my obsession with Sheep in Spandex. Well, actually I'm still obsessed with Sheep in Spandex, but sheep aren't wearing it as much these days! So I decided to make a collage of the many sheep fashions I documented at the fair that year.

I also made a quick little pocket to house competition results, which can be pulled out and unfolded.

I remembered that I actually started my blog that year and, conveniently, I had written a post about why we love the fair. I printed it out for the album, too.

I'm very happy to have another year of scrapbooking "in the books" -- LITERALLY! I really lucked out on 2006. A quick peak ahead makes me think that 2007 won't be be nearly as easy to finish up.

But before I move into 2007, I will be tackling two trips to Washington, D.C. -- a school trip and a family vacation taken in 2005 and 2006. I think they'll both fit into a single album and can be created with similar materials. 

Washington, D.C., here I come! Wish me luck! 😉