21 October 2016

Feline Friday: Fall Fashions

It's Feline Friday, which makes it a PURR-fect time for a Fall Fashion preview!

Tinsel's new $2 clearance t-shirt fit her nicely....

...that is, until she tried to stand up. Because she actually couldn't stand up.

 This particular shirt apparently runs a bit smaller than marked. Instead of walking upright, Tinsel sort of SLINKED around the floor.

 Aerial view:
Naturally, Lily immediately took to taunting her. 
Yur waring a t-shurt! Yur waring a t-shurt!

 The too-small t-shirt was shipped off to Texas, where Rory tried it on for size. Oops, it's a little too small for her, too!

  Tinsel's next clearance t-shirt was much roomier -- actually a bit too large!

 Tinsel didn't seem to love it, but at least she could walk around a bit more comfortably. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly until Tinsel appeared back in the kitchen "naked", having removed her shirt and DROPPED IT IN THE LITTERBOX. 

Next stop: Lily! The shirt fit her quite nicely -- even a little snugly (ahem).

But she was still able to maneuver around in it.

Heck, she could even eat dinner in it, with (a little) room to spare!

Lily tolerated the shirt pretty well. She watched a bit of TV whilst sporting it.

This new fall fashion is a keeper!

18 October 2016

Bedroom Update: Painting Done

 I am pleased to report that the painting in the bedroom is officially done! We started this bedroom project back in March (I think), so it's good to have the most time-consuming steps finally finished.

Last week the contractor/carpenter replaced the trim around the windows.

 Then the painter came over and surveyed the job. We decided to have him repaint the crown molding and the baseboards since they still had original paint and were definitely showing their age.

 I'm so happy with how it turned out. The newly painted trim is so much fresher now and really highlights the windows.

Of course, it looks super bright in the bedroom because we have no blinds, which is a slight inconvenience. But I can wave to the neighbors from bed, which is something new. :)

The paint on the crown molding and baseboard had slightly yellowed and just looked tired. I'm glad we decided to have it painted.

After we order the carpet, it should arrive in about one month. In addition to carpeting this room, we'll be carpeting the closet (yikes...I have to unload and paint it first!) and two other bedrooms. We've picked out the blinds and once they're ordered, they should arrive in just a few days.

We are on the home stretch with this project. YAY for getting things done!

14 October 2016

Feline Friday

 While the contractor has been here this week, the girls have been hanging out in the basement. They're used to it (and trust me, they're not roughing it!) but they still like having access to the bedroom after the work day ends. 

After I let them back in the space, I immediately found Lily plotting how to get the treats out of the drawer of my nightstand. (Don't mind all the sawdust!) 

Tinsel was not impressed with Lily's antics. Listen in:

 Lily: Tinsul, I can dooo it! Giz me a minutt!

Okai, I no da treetz are in here! I use my sooper nose to smell dem!

Okai, now I just need to open dis drawer!

Tinsel: She's so annoying.

 Lily: I ALMOST GOT IT! I'm goeen in for da treetz! Hang on Tinsul!

Tinsel: Could she be any more irritating? Just ask Mom for treats, Lily. That would be much easier.

 Lily: No no no...I can do it!

Tinsel: This has become tiresome.

 Lily: MOM, can we haz sum treets?

 Of course, baby girl...since you asked so nicely! :)

13 October 2016

Bedroom Update: New Window Trim

We are continuing on with the very slow update of our master bedroom. It's been quite awhile since I've had an update, so you might thought I abandoned ship! If you'd like to see where we started with this room, this post will give you an idea. :) I'm sure hoping we can be done by Christmas, but I'm not holding my breath.

The contractor came back this week to replace the trim on our bedroom windows so that it matches the trim in the bathroom. This was something we weren't sure we were going to do, and I have to say I am SO HAPPY that we decided to make the change. I honestly can't believe what a difference it makes! Here, I'll show you....

BEFORE: Very skinny window trim and mini blinds:

 AFTER: The skinny trim has been replaced with a chunkier trim to match the bathroom:

Here's a good picture of the bathroom window. The contractor matched the trim design he created in the bathroom on the two corner windows in the bedroom.

As you can see, the trim has not yet been painted, but I already love how it looks.

With the chunkier trim, the windows have much more visual weight. They are more in proportion to the scale of the room and the furniture. They are so beautiful that I would never consider covering them up with curtains! 

 The next step will be to have the trim painted, then we will be replacing the carpet and installing cream/natural color roller shades like the shades we have in the bathroom.

Then it will be time to hang some things on the walls and decorate both the bedroom and the bathroom, as I have been waiting to finish both spaces before doing any sort of decorating. I am looking forward to wrapping up BOTH of these projects!  

11 October 2016

Garden/Landscaping Project: More Progress

Many moons ago, I shared that we were starting on an update of our landscaping and gardens. I had garden plans drawn up awhile back and this spring engaged a landscaping company to implement them.

Long story short, we started this big project over the summer but didn't finish it as the landscape guy recommended we proceed in phases. I'll admit I was disappointed about the slow progress but in retrospect, that was actually the right move. We made good inroads on this project over the summer and now plan to have it finished next May.

This summer, we had edging installed, three new trees planted, bushes removed, and the gardens expanded (BEFORE post, AFTER post if you're interested).

A few days ago, the guys came back and removed all the plant material that I didn't want to keep as part of the "new" garden spaces. The landscape guy suggested that by removing all the plants I didn't need, we'd be better able to visualize the new spaces. While I was anxious to move faster on this project, I do think that was the right decision!

In addition to removing plants, we had a couple of new things added. The yarrow on this corner, which always flopped over and looked messy, was removed. This small hydrangea looks much tidier and will give a nice bit of color. I already like it so much better!

This rose bush was moved from a bad location to a better spot on the side of the house. I'm hoping it gets enough sun here to bloom, as I didn't get even a single bud this summer!

A new lilac bush was added to the side of this back garden to balance it out.

A lot of other plant material was removed from the gardens: heliopsis, coreopsis, and catmint. Catmint doesn't spread as badly as regular mint, but it flops over, splits, and generally looks messy most of the summer. I'm tired of dealing with it! The coreopsis spreads almost uncontrollably and after nearly 20 years, I'm also tired of fighting it. And while I do love the gold heliopsis for bouquets, they also flop over and cover the other plants. I just didn't have a good spot for them, so they had to go. :(

So now with all of this space cleared, we can better see which plants can be split and moved, and where we need to add new ones. The garden plans I had drawn up will help with that, with a big dose of reality thrown in by the landscape guy who is helping me.

Of course, everything looks pretty ragged right now, especially with those big gaps. I'm very much looking forward to finishing this project in the spring so I can enjoy the new garden spaces!

07 October 2016

Feline Friday: Glamour Shots!

 This wasn't intended to be a photo shoot. This was just Lily in her After Dinner Napping Spot. Then suddenly it turned into a Glamour Shot photo shoot!

Head tilt pose! And SERIOUSLY...those paws!

Yes, Lily, you are so sweet that you can have whatever you want! Unlimited treats! Canned food ALL THE TIME! A cat tree in every room!
Well, maybe we'd better re-think that one... :)

30 September 2016

Feline Friday: Lily's "Automatic" Feeder

 We recently went to Texas to visit our daughter. Whenever we leave, Lily has to stay in her basement "apartment" so that Tinsel will have full access to her own food upstairs without Lily stealing it. The cat sitter comes twice a day to feed and check on the girls plus Lily has ALL THE TOYS set up in her space, so she's not terribly deprived!

Still, this is the pitiful look I get! (NOTICE THOSE TWO SWEET TUFTS OF FUR ON HER HEAD, which seem to be connected to her eyebrows for effect!) And of course, I feel guilty for leaving them :(

For the first day before the cat sitter comes, I set up Lily's automatic feeder so that she gets her food on two separate occasions. If I leave it in one big bowl, she'll gulp it all before we pull out of the driveway. You think I'm kidding... 

  In fact, the feeder has packing tape all over the tray bases because once she pulled the trays forward and jammed them against the lids, preventing them from opening. I'm surprised the mechanisms still work!

This time, I set the timer so that one compartment would open in four hours and the other in ten. As soon as I closed the lids, our Lily went to work on breaking in...

She started sliding the feeder across the carpet and was hard at work trying to break into it when we left on our trip. Although it's naughty behavior, at least that will keep her busy, I thought.

We were barely out of our neighborhood when I realized we had forgotten to leave a nightlight on for her, so back we went. Spouse went inside to take care of the light and discovered that Lily HAD ALREADY PRYED OPEN Lid #1 and had eaten half of her food! I'm quite sure that by the time we hit the interstate, she had also opened Lid #2!

So much for the automatic feeder! Such a sweet, naughty, and smart girl!:)