17 June 2007

Use it up

Remember those old American Crafts cards? I loved them and bought lots of them, but I always forget that I have them.

While rummaging around for something in my card-making stash, I happened upon a few and decided that I'd use one for DH's Father's Day card. Could not have been simpler to make...ribbon, Chatterbox letters, a star punch, and a corner rounder.

I really like using stuff from my stash. I need to do a lot more of that.


BonnieRose said...

I remember those cards! love them!

Jill said...

Oooh love that little star and how the ribbon matches the green. So the things for the card came together?

j said...

Thanks, Jill! Actually the cards come without any additional supplies...I just pulled the ribbon from my stash, punched the star, stuck the letters down and called it good. :-) Easy enough!

Celia said...

Where can you find the American Crafts cards? I have been looking for more.