16 June 2007

A Few Things That Make Me Smile

Today's 2Peas Blogging Challenge is to write about something that makes you smile. Because there are days when I really need a reminder of such things, I'm going to list a few:

* Old Mr. Bean shows.
We have the entire boxed set of old Mr. Bean episodes. There are some that I could watch over and over...especially the one where he is looking for his watch and gets his head stuck inside a turkey. And the calculus test...To this day, I cannot say "trigonometry" without bursting out laughing. I know we're going to have some fun with that word next year when DD is taking the class.

* Old PeeWee's Playhouse shows.
I know he's a bit odd, but I think that some of those old shows were hilarious. "Today's secret word is (fill in the blank). Whenever you hear it, scream real loud!" I even have a Giant Saran-Wrap Ball stashed in our snack drawer. This creation was directly inspired by PeeWee's Giant Foil Ball. And then there's "GIANT UNDERWEAR!" Just the other day, when I was in the lingerie department at Kohl's, I wanted to hold up a pair and scream this. Don't worry: I didn't.

* A completed scrapbooking project. A page, a mini-album, a vacation album...anything I've actually finished (and that I'm happy with) makes me smile.

* Ah, yes...my new kitchen counters.
I'm happy about them. I'll be even happier after Mr. Plumber comes on Monday. (Yep, I had to resort to calling the plumber when DH told me it would be two weeks before he could re-install the faucet. Remember how the Lowes guy recommended I have a cold drink waiting for DH? Well, after my conversation with DH, I was the one who needed it.)

* Might I mention acrylic stamps? I must be completely addicted to them. I do not need to purchase any more, yet I continue to do so. They make me sort of giddy.

* Really good scones, like the ones in Seattle. I told my friend Sharon that we are becoming "scone snobs". You can hardly find a decent scone around here...the texture is never quite right. I should break down and make them from scratch more often.

* David Sedaris.
Oh, my. Some would disagree, but I think a lot of what he writes is absolutely hilarious. We had the good fortune of attending one of his readings last summer. I spent the evening wiping tears from my eyes. He was that funny. Well, I thought so, as did everyone else in the audience, with the notable exception of DH, who did not get his humor at all. And wondered (aloud, to my utter dismay) why he had paid money to listen to some guy read.

That's a pretty decent list, I think. I'm going to refer back to this list when I need a quick fix.


BonnieRose said...

loved reading your post, and omg.. that pic sure got my attention.. lol lol have a super saturday!

Jill said...

Oh I just KNEW I liked your blog for some reason, we must have a similar sense of humor - ***LOVE*** Sedaris!!!!!! :-) ;-) :-) I just found out he's going to be coming here in October.

Maureen said...

Oh, I love Mr. Bean and Pee Wee too!

And if you want good scones, Starbucks pumpkin scones are to die for .....

j said...

Hey, Maureen...thanks for the tip! I can't seem to get to Starbucks early enough to get their scones. I've never tried a pumpkin one. Thanks for the tip! :-)

Heather said...

I love Mr. Bean! The turkey one was hilarious and so was the one where he was at the beach and trying to get into his swim trunks with nowhere to change! ROFLOL Thanks for sharing. :)