02 June 2007

Crock Pot Dreams

Have you ever dreamed about crock pots?

I hadn't...at least not until this week.
In my dream, I was standing in the scrapbook store where I teach. Strangely, there were no products in on the shelves. Without a word, our assistant store manager opened a big closet (presumably where everything was stashed) and out tumbled a crock pot, hitting her on the head and rolling across the floor to my feet. I looked at it and thought "what's up with that?" Then I woke up.

I believe there is a reason I dreamed about a crock pot. Notably, I recently acquired a large box of crock pot liners (this may be the subject of a future post) from my mother. I have given these away to many scrapbooking friends. We discuss how much time we would have to scrapbook if we used our crock pots more. Then we laugh about the abundance of crock pot liners we've amassed compared to the relative infrequency with which we actually remember to use them. And there is another story about crock pots in a hotel room on a trip to CKU, but that one will also wait for another day.
Yet in spite of these real-life crock pot connections, I had to wonder what dreaming of this kitchen appliance might mean. I'm pretty sure you're wondering, too.

According to a highly scientific dream interpretation website, "to see or use a crock pot in your dream suggests that you need to look at various sources to attack a problem. Alternatively, it means that patience, hard work, and tenacity will pay off in the long run. Hang in there and don't let difficulties and obstacles discourage you."

Not bad advice for anyone in any circumstance. In fact, I'm going to attach deep and lasting significance to my crock pot dream. Think roast beef. It takes a long time to cook in a crock pot. Just because it doesn't cook in two hours doesn't mean that it won't EVER cook. Likewise, I will remember that my problems will take some time to resolve.

At least 8-10 hours.

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Jill said...

A friend told me once that another way to interpret dreams is to think of yourself as everything in your dream (since your mind created it in the first place)...so you'd interpret it from the view of you as yourself, you as the assistant store manager getting hit on the head by a crockpot and you as the crockpot hitting the manager on the head...it gives a different view, whether or not it means anything.