30 June 2007

Found in Creating Keepsakes

Although you'd never know it from the current state of our household, I love order and organization. That's why I made a special note to blog about this index I found in the latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.

I had the opportunity to read a lot during this past week. In addition to a book (which I'll blog about another time), I read both the June and July issues of
Creating Keepsakes magazines much more closely than usual. At the beginning of the magazine, there are several left-hand pages which list company credits. On the bottom of page 18 (June) and page 20 (July), you'll find this handy-dandy little guide to photos and layouts featured. It's organized in the same way as Becky Higgins' books (by number of photos) which is how many people approach scrapbooking.

It looks like this index has been in CK for the past several issues, but I had never noticed it, and I thought perhaps other scrapbookers hadn't seen it, either. I love indices, and I've actually made several of my own for magazines, so I really appreciate this feature. In fact, if you'd like to make your own indices for other magazines or idea books, this would be a great format to follow.

Next time I sit down to make a page, I'll look at the number of photos I have and match them to this index. It'll give me a jump start and make me feel good about actually using my magazines.


Stacey said...

Thanks for that tip! I will be on the lookout for that guide!

Debbi said...

I never noticed that either. Thank you for sharing

Maureen said...

It is a great feature, for sure. I know a lot of publications were getting negative feedback about the over-abundance of single-photo layouts, so this may be in response to that. I think it's great that a variety of LOs have returned in publications (even though I LOVE some of my single-photo pages the most).

darci said...


This is so classic you!!!!

See you soon!


sabrina said...

I never noticed that! That is a great tool (now if CK would only stop jamming so much product on the page or have less digi layout that would be another story)

bananafish said...

thanks for the hint...I never even noticed that:)