11 June 2007

And a good morning to you!

Every once in awhile, I think about posting a certain something on my blog and decide not to do it. I really do believe that there are some stories that are just too strange or embarrassing to share in this type of forum. Like the incident in Paris when I was locked out of my dorm and really needed to use the restroom. And I mean REALLY. Or the horror and shame I've endured while trying to find a bra small enough to fit me. Or the time when pigs...no, let's just stop there.

So before posting this picture, I want you to know that I really did think long and hard about it (well, for at least two full minutes). This is a photo of Lily under my nightgown. Now, I am perfectly aware that you might perceive this as kind of an odd thing for Lily to do, and perhaps an even odder thing for me to allow, and an especially odd thing for me to photograph. But I'm all for documenting the everyday (and quite often odd) happenings of my life, so I'm willing to take that risk.

You see, every morning, whether it's a flannel or cotton kind of day, Lily tunnels under my nightgown to sit. Sometimes she decides to lie down on the hem, thus pinning me for an extended period of time to the floor and seriously hampering my productivity. Yesterday I happened to be pinned near my desk. My camera was within reach, so I slid it across the carpet, positioned it in front of me and pushed the button, not knowing if I'd even captured her in the viewfinder. To my delight, what you see in this photo is Miss Lily as she is most every morning, sweetly emerging from under my nightgown, eyes heavy with sleep. (You also see that I need to vacuum, but we'll ignore that.)

Anyway, my husband thinks that having a cat under my nightgown is totally weird. I personally don't see anything odd whatsoever about it.

But no, you do not get to hear the pig story, so don't even ask.


Heather said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! Cute picture too! Thank you for swallowing your pride and sharing with us. Us cat lovers understand that what some perceive as odd behavior is actually the normal day-to-day stuff we live with and love! LOL

Shell said...

ummm *LOL* and I thought our cats were weird

Lynn said...

Boy does that Lily do the darnest things! She sure keeps you on your toes.