24 June 2007

On the Road

We're on the road for a few days. My hope is to post a couple of interesting or fun things as we go. This is going to be more complicated than it really should be, and here is why:

* I'm going to have to compete with DD and DH for time on the laptop
* The laptop does not have a regular mouse...it just has one of those mysterious little areas that you rub and hope the cursor moves. I almost cannot cope with this.
* I don't have access to Picasa, my favorite photo editing program.
* I will have limited time for blogging, since we're actually supposed to be on vacation.

Meanwhile, Lily and Tinsel have gone to the Kitty Spa (aka my parents' house). I understand that they are enjoying their time immensely. There are lots of squirrels and birds outside the windows and plenty of soft places to sleep. Lily is up to her usual tricks: Every time Tinsel hops up on her favorite napping chair, Lily smacks her on the head and takes the chair for herself, if only to sit in it for a few seconds.

So sit back, lower your expectations, and maybe you'll be able to join us vicariously on this little trip. Believe me, you'll enjoy it more from afar.


Jill said...

Yeah those little pad things are a PAIN!!!! You can get a mouse for a laptop though... :-)

j said...

Yep, and we even have one of those "mice" but left it at home! I'm trying to deal with this pad thing...it slows me down!! :-)