25 June 2007

On the Road in Springfield: Lincoln and Cozy Dog

Day 2: Well, we've completed another day of our mini-vacation and are still speaking to each other, for the most part anyway. Here are a few highlights of the day:

* Visited Lincoln's law office (above), where he practiced for 23 years, specializing in contract law. Very interesting.
* Walked through the Lincoln Library, a beautiful new facility which is actually a research library and does not house any Lincoln memorabilia. All of the Lincoln artifacts are now on display at the Lincoln Presidential museum, which was our next stop of the day. The museum is a "must see" if you happen to go to Springfield. The exhibits were thoughtfully designed with many creative presentations. In my opinion, this museum is actually better than parts of the Smithsonian.
* Enjoyed a late lunch at the Cozy Dog (below), an authentic Route 66 diner (although the current building is not the original, DH reminded me). A "cozy dog" is a hot dog on a stick, not unlike the corn dogs you can buy at the state fair. (Actually, it's exactly the same thing, but "cozy dog" just sounds cuter.)

Tomorrow we'll hit Shea's Gas Station Museum and then head out of town to historic St. Charles for a day. Then Wednesday evening, we'll be in Chicago to see "Wicked". I'm sure that will be the highlight of this little trip.

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Jill said...

The Cozy Dog DOES look cozy! I'd never heard them called that before!