18 June 2007

Listen carefully

About this time last summer, I was out in the yard early one evening. I remember that it was an unusually quiet time...no dogs barking, no birds chirping, no cars rolling past our house.

Suddenly I heard the faintest "pop...pop...pop" sound. I walked closer to our pine trees and listened again.

"pop...pop pop...pop"

After some minutes of listening, it occurred to me that the sound was coming from within the trees.

What I heard that evening was the sound of pine cones bursting open.
Of course, I know that pine cones start out green and closed then eventually turn brown and open, but who would have thought that you could actually hear them opening?

What an amazing sound. I will be listening carefully this summer. This is a sound I want to hear again.


Maureen said...

HAH! That would be so cool to hear; we have a lot of pine trees...I'm going to have to start listening better!

EquineSpirit said...

Way cool! I'll have to pay closer attention to pine trees from now on!!

Jill said...

Wow - I never realized that!!! Wish I could have heard it!!!!!!!!!!!!!