13 June 2007

Nature, Close-Up

This basket hangs between our garage doors. My scrapbooking area / office is in the room directly above the garage.

For the past few weeks, I've been watching a mama bird (a house wren, I think) take sticks and leaves to the basket to build her nest. Several times I have hauled the ladder to the basket to check the nest. Until this week, it was empty.

Now, the nest holds seven tiny, spotted eggs. By peering out my window, I can see the mama bird sitting on her nest. I can see her fly to and from the big evergreen tree. But in order to see the eggs this closely, I had to get the ladder. When I water the flowers, I am careful not to water the eggs or the nest, although I know they are waterproof. I am also careful not to touch the nest.

We've had birds build nests in hanging baskets in the past, and it never fails to fascinate me. I believe that
it's a privilege to be able to watch this process unfold.


Heather said...

How neat! We have birds that always build nests under our back porch roof, but there's no way to get up and see the eggs. Your birdie picked a beautiful home for her new babies! :)

Lynn said...

OMG! that is just so wonderful! The birds at my house nested in my daughters airconditioner. We could not get a good look though.

Jill said...

Oh what a great thing to get to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Wow, how cool is that? Here's hoping you'll have the pleasure of taking pics of tiny little newborn birdies soon!!! (Just keep Lily and Tinsel away...)


Sharon said...

That's amazing! How beautiful to be able to watch the birth of these little birdies. And look at the colors...I'm thinking that Mama Bird knows a thing or two about colors and scrapbooking.