03 June 2007

Cutify your Stuff with Galvanized Tins

Galvanized tins are sort of my new thing. Well, my new, old thing. Or maybe I should say my old, new thing. The point being, I've had galvanized tins in my scrapbooking area for several months now, and every time I see them for sale, I seem to acquire even more. They are handy for corralling all sorts of stuff and making it look, well, cute.

I stopped by Target this past week and in the Dollar Spot, I found large, round galvanized tins. I bought a couple, not knowing exactly what I'd do with them but that they would be handy for holding something. Now one of them contains the miscellaneous stuff found on my scrapbooking table that really needs to be put away. And now, while it's waiting for that day to come (and it could be a very long wait), that stuff looks cute.

On a previous trip to Target, I picked up a stack of small, rectangular tins. One now hold blank cards and another contains the contents of my Bazzill Swatch Box. (Now, putting the swatches in a tin was the suggestion of my friend, Darci, because every time I used the darn things I could NOT figure out how to get them back into their original plastic container without wanting to fling them across the room. Thanks to Darci, I'm much calmer now.) Another small tin holds the adhesives that I use every time I work on a project. And on a trip to Michaels awhile back, I picked up two larger, oval tins. Now they house a few completed mini albums and smaller projects.

So if you are looking for a good way to store a few odds and ends in your scrapbooking area, my suggestion is to pick up some galvanized tins. They can make just about anything, even your messy stuff, look cute.


KKT said...

oooh good idea!! my scrap area (previously known as my kitchen table) is a mess. i actually have one of those target tins at work... not sure why i never thought to use them for my scrap stuff!!!

(lol @ cutify... i say "prettify" at work all the time and get eye rolls. it's all about the pretty!)

Jill said...

Good idea - cute looking clutter. I'm all for it! :-)

Sharon said...

LOL! cutify! My "stuff" is all cutesy in Longaberger baskets. Amazing how many baskets are just right for making my stuff look "cute". More expensive, but they have just been taking up space before now.