04 June 2007

I could get more scrapbooking done if I...

1) would just stay off the computer. This would include reading all sorts of blogs and message boards, compulsively checking my e-mail, perusing layout galleries, downloading cool fonts, and looking at the NPR website. It should probably also include blogging, but I staunchly refuse to list it here.

2) would figure out which pictures need to be printed and actually print them.

3) could see the surface of my table. Actually, that's not even a valid excuse because I don't scrapbook on the table. I scrapbook on the floor.

4) would stop living so inflexibly by the "work first/play later" philosophy. Here's the deal: Scrapbooking is play for me. Everything else is work. Since I almost never get all of my work done, I rarely allow myself scrapbooking time.

5) would schedule scrapbooking, like an appointment, in my handy-dandy altered Franklin Planner. Which I altered, by the way, instead of scrapbooking.

6) would set some scrapbooking goals for myself. If I actually articulate a specific goal, I almost always achieve it. The problem here is that I have not taken the time to articulate any goals. (Personal scrapbooking goals, that is. I do have a few other goals in life. I don't want y'all to think I'm a total slacker.)

7) would go to a crop once in awhile and actually crop while there. I am putting this on the list just because some people (and you know who you are, peeps) might think it needs to be on the list. In reality, I will never be able to do this because I cannot actually crop in front of other people. I know, I know...that sounds really strange, but for me, scrapbooking is a really personal thing. I can only do it in the confines of my own little space. (Yes, I know I have issues...Trust me: They are well beyond the scope of this blog.)

8) would stop feeling guilty when I do take time to scrapbook for myself. This is a big one for me. I consider scrapbooking to be an incredibly worthwhile activity, yet I let a multitude of mundane things come before it. Like laundry.

9) would start to feel a teensy-weensy bit of pressure to produce some scrapbooks for DD's graduation open house, which (it occurs to me) will be held three years from now. Sure, I have quite a few pages ready to set out next to the cake and punch, but there are large gaps in what I've scrapbooked of her life. Actually, it's mostly gaps.

10) would stop organizing my stuff and get down to business. I love to organize, and my scrapbooking stuff is in pretty good shape. I wish the rest of my life were as organized as my cardstock.

OK, my idea in writing this list is that the first step in moving the ball forward is to identify the problem. Hopefully, we can all agree that I've done that here. Maybe the next step is to get myself into some therapy. But for now I hope to start tackling these excuses so that I actually start producing more pages. I shall even print out my list and post it as a reminder to myself. With luck, I will report back on my progress, and (hold your horses) maybe even post a page or two.

Now, if you are a scrapbooker and have had the patience to read this far, my challenge to you is to go figure out your own list. Post it on your wall or on your blog, if you have one. Identify what is getting in the way of your scrapbooking productivity.

Then let's get busy! No more excuses!


jillconyers said...

Great list! I'll have to give some thought to my own "I could get more scrapping done if" list. Get off the computer will be at the top of my list. Love the organizing so I won't stop that! Fun post!

tesstrue... said...

i, too, love this idea. i just may blog it today...

Jill said...

I dunno...lots of yours look good for me too! Not giving up blogging anytime soon though... :-0 :-)

Sharon said...

A good list and the majority of them apply to me. Now, how many pages could we have accomplished if you had not thought about, written and posted the list and I had not read it. Ponder that one.

darci said...

I could get way more scrapbooking done if I could find my supplies and the top of my table. Guess I need to take your organization class!!

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! Love the list! I'll have to blog this one later!! ;)