26 June 2007

On the Road in St. Charles

Day 3: Before leaving Springfield, we stopped at Shea's Gas Station Museum. For a variety of reasons, we did not actually go into the place. But from this picture, you can certainly see what a quirky and extensive collection of gas station memorabilia looks like.

From Springfield, we drove to St. Charles. We used to live in Oak Park, so we know the Chicago suburbs pretty well. As we cruised through Naperville, we stopped quickly at a scrapbook store -- Cherish
What a beautiful store! All the latest and greatest products in a lovely, colorful setting. Too bad I only had about five minutes!

Once in St. Charles, we walked through the historic downtown shopping area, checked out the Fox River, and looked in the lobby of the Hotel Baker, a 1927 structure which is on the National Historic Register. We walked through some areas just north of the main street and found a lovely, historic shopping area. This bookstore is typical of the architecture of the area. Very quaint!

This evening, we're headed out for deep-dish Chicago pizza. That's one thing I really miss from our years living in this area. Hope to post again tomorrow.

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Jill said...

Oooh I would love to go into that museum. I love out of the ordinary museums!