12 January 2008

Random musings on a Saturday

I don't normally post random thoughts on a Saturday, but seeing that I'm procrastinating on a few projects, it seems a particularly good day for it. Here's another list of completely scattered thoughts, in no particular order, and of questionable importance:

* Bind-it-All is in da house! I used a gift certificate for this little machine and brought it home yesterday. Because I'm tool-impaired, I had to test out our store's demo first to be sure I could actually operate the thing. I passed that test, so home it came. Looking forward to binding anything and everything.

* Curl-defining shampoo is a good thing. But if you're my spouse, you should not be using it. You have no curls, dude.

* What's the deal with cats and plastic grocery bags?

* Reading The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker has been enjoyable so far. I think I now know what I don't like about my space. I've determined that I'm organized, but not inspired.

* They still use the word "cobbler" to refer to a person who repairs shoes. Would be kinda cool to have the name of your job also be that of a tasty dessert.

* The Making Memories sewing kit appears to be made for elves. It includes six spools of thread, each one small enough to fit inside your nostril. Not recommending that. Just an observation.

* Why the heck do I have a Making Memories sewing kit anyway?

* I want to live in an old elementary school.
I am completely serious! I think it would be the perfect space for me...huge art room, library, classrooms, wood floors... Just can't seem to get the rest of the family to buy into this.

* "Subprime" has been voted the 2007 Word of the Year by the American Dialect Society. While it has an obvious financial connotation, I heard in a commentary (on NPR, of course) that it apparently snagged the top spot because it is also used to describe anything that is below par. Personally, I would have voted for "lolcat," which was a winner in the "most creative" word category. In case you missed it, the 2006 Word of the Year was "to pluto" (verb) as in "to be plutoed", which means to be demoted or devalued. (I'm sure ya'll remember that sad day when Pluto was demoted from planet status.) So there ya go.

* This American Life is undoubtedly one of the best programs on NPR. You can hear it every Saturday around here or on the web anytime. It was through this show that I was first introduced to one of my all-time favorite writers, David Sedaris. But whether the subject du jour is humorous or serious, I love the pacing, format, and thought-provoking nature of this program.

* Sock monkey memo boards are available here for the low, low price of $99.95. Thanks to my friend, Connie, for this helpful referral. (If you missed it (and you probably did), I recently purchased some sock monkey jammies, to the horror of my family and some of my friends.)

* Nasal irrigation may be good for stopping a runny nose, but I'm not tryin' it. I don't care how runny my nose may be. Just so ya know, it's not runny right now. I'm just taking a position on it now, before anybody gets any wild ideas.

'Nuff said. Now back to work.


Anonymous said...

You'll just love your 'Bind It All' - it's one 'tool' that is sure to get a workout!

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too!

toners said...

I'm with you on the nasal irrigation - the docs can tell me about it for the rest of my life, but I'm just not doing it! Blech!

What a fun post! LOL! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Cheri said...

So as a PA, I'll chime in on the nasal irrigation...if a person is miserable enough with nasal congestion (usually that's what it's for rather than just running) from a true sinus infection, especially those chronically afflicted, they will obtain good results. And yes, there are people who just won't do it:)

To be totally over the top: plenty of people douche, or used to anyway, and I think that's way worse. (Btw I don't recommend this for a blogging topic!)

I love your random musings; they are some of my favorites on this blog!

Jill said...

Would you believe my ten year old son actually WANTS me to buy him one of those contraptions to irrigate his nose? He saw it demonstrated in my yoga class.

I think it really does help, because my dad had to do it when he had surgery on his sinuses. But still? What would posses a ten year old to want to do that??????????????

jp said...

Shirley-I'm trying out the BIA today! Still haven't figured out the wires, but I'm getting there. I know I'll love it eventually!

Toni-Me either! No way, no how!

Cheri-I'm having trouble with the whole notion of it!! Not even a sb'ing PA could convince me to do it!

Jill-Glad you're back on the blogging scene! Agreed-your son needs to find something else for you to buy him...Not sure what 10-year old boys like but there's gotta be something other than that! YIKES!

Aimeslee said...

You had me chuckling all the way this, Janet. Too dang funny. But, er, maybe no more MM tool snorting, k? (LOL - just kidding).

Connie said...

Ok, I'll admit it - I've tried the nasal irrigation, and it is NOT fun! I think half the liquid ended up going down my throat and choking me. Since I've blocked the whole episode from my mind, I can't tell you if it actually helped or not!

Did you know that my brother and his family live in an old school house in Wisconsin? No art room or library, though - it was a one-room school house - but there are plenty of wood floors!