18 December 2007

Ode to My Sock Monkey Jammies

Disclaimer: This is not me. But these ARE my new jammies!

Ode to My Sock Monkey Jammies

Made from a sock and a bit of red thread,
A sock monkey sat on my wee childhood bed

With large ears of brown and pointy cream feet,
And a cheerful red mouth which was ever so sweet.

But time came and went and I grew up fast,
My days of sock monkeys -- they all too soon passed.

Life filled with stresses, obligations galore,
Sock monkey, sock monkey -- he was no more.

Until December '07 -- at Target I shopped,
Looking for jammies when, "Wow!" My eyes popped!

Sock monkey jammies! Could it be real?
But at $24, they weren't a steal.

"They look a bit odd," my mother did say.
"I think so, too," and went on my way.

But dreams of those jammies flooded my mind.
How could I leave them? What else could I find

That could possibly bring back those feelings of old
And be toasty and warm in the winter so cold?

So back to the Target I drove at great speed.
I tried on two sizes to see what I'd need.

I looked at their faces...their eyes were so bright.
They would cheerfully keep me quite warm through the night!

Now I'll find my old monkey and display him for all!
He'll be happy to see me! He'll sit proud and tall!

No penguins or plaid prints or snowmen, you see...
My sock monkey jammies are perfect for me!


Sarah C. said...

Janet, your poem put a smile on my face. Too cute! Enjoy your warm new jammies. :)

toners said...

LOVE IT! What a great poem :) Excellent blog entry!!

Connie said...

Great poem, but the sock monkeys still scare me. I must have had some traumatic experience with them as a child and I've blocked it from my memory! LOL!

Cheri said...

The poem, is too, too cute! Now you MUST scrapbook a picture of YOU wearing the jammies:) (Sharing is optional, lol)

jp said...

Thank you, guys!! Can you tell I'm excited about my new jammies? :-)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Very cute!!! (and/or creepy as Connie said) :-)