10 December 2007

Random musings on a Monday

It's Monday, and it sure feels like one to me. I have that UGH kind of feeling (feline). So in an effort to jump start the day, here's a list of random musings, in no particular order:

* Friday evening, Spouse made three Christmas cards. Granted, he followed a simple pattern and used punch-out die pieces, but hey -- he used adhesive and lined up his squares pretty well. I think he has potential.

* I've been making Christmas cards from scraps. So far, I'm up to 37 cards. Still plenty of everything left, except adhesive.

* Those of us who grew up in the 60's and 70's listening to Led Zeppelin are surely aware that tonight is the big reunion. According to the BBC (which I was listening to in the middle of the night) it is POSSIBLE they will tour next year. Now wouldn't that be just about the coolest concert EVER?

* I have put up three of my six Christmas trees. All are now tethered to something, and all are still standing. Lily chewed the string (and presumably swallowed it) off of one ornament yesterday, but so far nothing else has been completely destroyed.

* I love crab cakes. I love, love, love them. Even bad crab cakes are good.

* My box labeled for 2007 photos is completely empty. Does this mean that I have scrapbooked them all? Does it mean that I took no photos during 2007? Nope! It means that I have not printed a single photo for the ENTIRE year. People, this is NOT a good situation.

* Lily can fit an entire mandarin orange slice in her mouth at once. I'm not sure that's a good situation, either.

* When the temperature is below freezing, it is not a good idea to leave the garage door open all night. That's all I'm saying.

* At Target, there are flannel pajamas with sock monkeys on them. I really like sock monkeys, but on pajamas, they scare me just a little bit. But not as much as those dreadful flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz. My friend, Connie, says that in the new Tin Man series, they're actually called "Mo-Bats". Who knew?

* Let's see...there are 15 days until Christmas, according to the Starbucks Advent Calendar. Have I started shopping? Nope. Don't be alarmed. This is typical.

* Speaking of Starbucks, I noticed that they have now marked down the calendars to $9.99. At our Starbucks, there were plenty left. I'll watch them a bit longer and see if they mark them down even further. Last year, I snagged mine for $5.

* I have nearly convinced (read: beaten down) Spouse to paint the entry way a cinnamon/spice color to coordinate with our new green and gold paint. Stay tuned on this one.

* If you're willing to risk being offended and need a laugh today, check out the David Sedaris YouTube link at the right. For those of you looking for a holiday gift for the man in your life, this may be just the ticket.


Sarah C. said...

Yay for your hubby making some cards! They look good. I had a few chuckles at many of your musings. :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

The fact that you haven't printed any pictures for a whole year is scary

jp said...

Sarah--Thanks! I think he was proud of himself. Next time, I may have him design his own cards. Now that could get interesting!

Gingerkitty--Yes, it is scary! I have been scrapbooking, but I'm working on past years. Don't worry...I do back-up the hard drive in case the computer crashes!

Thanks for stopping by, guys! Janet

Cheri said...

Yay, Jay!:) Love the top picture of him...now don't wait too long to print that one, lol.

Kristina said...

I wish I could get my hubby to make cards. I'm surprised he agree to help me wrap presents last weekend.

Stop by my blog and you will need our Christmas tree challenge this year!

jp said...

Cheri - You are so right!! It would look quite nice on a sb page, don't ya think?? ;-)

Kristina - It was a fluke, for sure. I just handed him the stuff and he did it! Never before had he done it, and I'm quite sure it will never happen again! :-) Off to visit your blog now...