27 December 2007

Feline Friday: Santa Came!

Even though we've had some feline naughtiness at our house this year, Santa still stopped by with a couple of goodies for the kitties:

* A can of ocean whitefish food. They never have canned food, so this is a big deal. YUM!

* A bag of their favorite Friskies chewable treats, also in ocean whitefish flavor. More YUM!

* New Starbucks straws for Lily, as requested in her letter to Santa. YAY!

In addition to these goodies, Tinsel received a book and Lily got a portable fan from Grandma. You see, back in August when Lily entered the state fair cat competition, we discovered that all of the cats had fans in their decorated cages. We were unprepared for this aspect of the competition, so we had to keep Lily cool with a couple of those dinky little fans you hang around your neck. It was, as you can imagine, completely inadequate. So Grandma decided that if Lily is going to compete with those fancy cats, she needs the proper equipment. Lily has already been practicing for the fair by sitting in front of her new fan.

All in all, a lovely Christmas was had by all. Thank you, Santa and Grandma!


Sarah C. said...

Looks like Lily & Tinsel had a wonderful Christmas! Glad Santa had them on the "Good List." :)

Stella said...

Oh how cute!!! Santa brought my kitties some fun presents too. Merry Kittymas!

Maureen said...

Aw, how sweet. Love the photos; and so happy to hear that Lily got her straws ;)

And you know.... Lily has WAY more than 1 Fan....

Our girls got some goodies and toys too. Santa must love mischievious kittens!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Lily is gorgeoues! don't let me get around her because i might try to take her home. What a looker!

jp said...

Sarah and Stella - They did have a fun Christmas! :-) Santa decided they have enough toys so decided to bring them consumables- in fish flavor, which of course, they don't mind at all.

Maureen - Had Santa not produced those straws, you were my back-up!! I told DH and DD that we had connections up north... :-)

Gingerkitty - Thank you!! And she is just as sweet as she can be, other than when she is engaged in extreme naughtiness!

Have a great day, guys! Janet

KarenSue said...


I got my grand-kitty a cat-a-lac (cat bed shaped like a car) and he loves it!!

and yes, I am a Lily/Tinsel fan also.