18 December 2007


I teach Christmas card classes, but up until a couple of years ago, I hadn't made my own Christmas cards. Call it "I Gave at the Office Syndrome" or whatever you want, but I have just never had the desire to make cards in bulk. Last year, however, I decided I'd make cards from scraps, which appeals to my somewhat frugal "save the earth" nature and allows me to make just one or two of a card and then move on to a new design.

So this year, I made 46 Christmas cards from leftover bits of this and that. The only thing I have had to purchase is adhesive. The scary thing is that I could make at least that many more with the materials I have on hand. I even found that I had a stack of white, pre-made card bases, so I used them all up in making these cards. I love using up the last little bit of this and that. (Unless, of course, it is product that I am hoarding...such as those American Crafts felt snowflakes and mittens. In that case, I will not use them all. I shall keep some just to touch lovingly now and then.*sigh*)

Last night, Spouse sugges
ted that I stop making cards and actually put them in the mail now, so that's what I'm doing today, along with the dreaded holiday letter.

Note to self: Before beginning a project like this, be sure to check your list to see how many cards you actually need. I ran 20 short, and while materials are still abundant, time is not.

Thank goodness for Hallmark.


Cheri said...

I hear you on the "time is short" bit, believe me. I just wasn't feeling the writing the Christmas letter thing this year, so finally convinced Spouse to do it (I provided a rough outline). Now I just need to assemble and address and MAIL!:)

Maureen said...

Holy crap. Those are amazing.... what a great idea; use up supplies and never get bored doing 33 of the same design (which I do). By the fourth one, the novelty and fun have worn off.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

jp said...

Cheri - Brownie points for your spouse! All I could get mine to do was fold. At least they're done now!

Maureen - Thx so much! You SO need to try this! I can't stand to make more than a couple of the same card, so making cards from scraps works great for me. Try it for next year!

jill said...

Great cards! Get them to the post office!! Love that you used all scraps.

Heather Bares said...

wow, I love the idea of using up scraps for this. I usually just get an assembly line going and do the same design with the same paper. I might try this next year!!!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Wow! Those are some great cards out of bits and pieces!

Sarah C. said...

Your cards look so good! Awesome use of those scraps. I've been trying to work through some of mine. Another hoarder here. ;)