16 December 2007

Warmest of wishes!

When I arrived home today, I was delighted to find these photos on my computer desktop.

It seems that while Spouse and Daughter were at the kitchen table this afternoon, this little opossum strolled across our patio.

Spouse had the presence of mind to grab the ever-ready camera,
dash outside, and snap a couple of photos before the little fellow waddled away. We've seen a couple of opossums in our yard during the summer months. (In fact, we think they are living the high life under our patio.) But we've never seen one in the winter.

Just take a look at that coat! In spite of the intense cold, this little guy looks really warm. And look at the snow on that little pink nose! Could that possibly be any cuter? And check out those chunky legs! Don't know (and maybe don't WANT to know) what he's been eating, but he certainly looks well-fed. And see how he is smiling? It's as if he's saying, "Ah...winter! It's all good!"

Too bad I've nearly finished my Christmas cards, otherwise this little guy would have graced the front. I can picture it now...

"Warmest of wishes!"


Candibee said...

Too cute!

Katy said...

OH.My.GOODNESS. What a cute sight. Thanks for sharing this!

Sarah C. said...

Kudos to DH for snapping the photos! What a cute little guy. Now you can start your cards for next year. ;)

toners said...

What a cutie!! And great job hubby for doing the right thing and getting the camera!