17 December 2007

More random musings on a Monday

Today is yet another Monday and, like last Monday, it seems appropriate to make a list of random stuff on my mind. In no particular order, and with no point whatsoever, here we go:

I'm in a transitional hair period. I need the proper equipment and products to handle my new spiral perm. Imagine my alarm when yesterday, my turbo curling iron completely shelled out. Because I can never throw away something that could possibly be fixed, I dug around in my drawer of deceased curling irons and tried to find one that would heat. Only one crusty old iron heated enough to curl the ends of my spirals, so off to the store I went to purchase a new one. Although I hated to do it, I actually threw away four curling irons yesterday.

Do not test whether or not a curling iron is hot by placing it on your arm. That is not even sma
rt. Not sayin' that anything like that actually happened...

Along the same lines, it is generally not a good idea to iron an item of clothing while you are actually wearing it. I can only imagine that it might be be kind of hard to explain to people why you have the pointy tip of an iron branded on your chest. Purely hypothetical situation, you understand.

Today, my ionic hair dryer with the diffuser shelled out. You may recall (actually, I'm sure you won't) that I waxed poetic about the dryer last year. I am completely bummed out about this, and I'm actually in a real pickle. In order for my spiral curls to look "just so", I MUST have a dryer with a diffuser. If Spouse can't fix it, off to the store I'll go again. Curse you, Mr. Conair, or whoever you are.

I love ColdPlay. Right now, I especially love the title track to A Rush of Blood to the Head and another song from that same CD, Amsterdam. Listen to the way it builds at the end. Both of these are amazing songs.

Always put the lid on your Diet Coke, preferably tightly. Otherwise, when you drop it, it will squir
t all over your newly painted laundry room. Not sayin' anything like that actually happened...

I really should start my Christmas shopping. Any day now. On the other hand, there is still plenty of time left, according to my Starbucks Advent Calendar.

I was saddened to hear on NPR this morning that Dan Fogelberg passed away. His album, Netherlands, was (and still is) one of my absolute favorites. Beautiful music. I especially love the lyrics to the title track. Simple truths.

My friend, Connie, sent me a video about Glow in the Dark Cats. Pretty amazing. I really wish that Tinsel and Lily would glow in the dark, or maybe just stop sleeping on the steps.

Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks are pretty darn good. Not a good as triple caramel lattes with whip and drizzle, heated to 170 degrees, but they are close. If you pair a Cranberry Bliss Bar with a Peppermint Mocha, however, there's some serious synergy for ya.

Do not put small objects, such as the tiny, removable end of a ball-point pen, up your nose. Just don't. This is good advice for anybody, and I don't think I've shared this previously on my blog. Not sayin' anything like this ever happened...


Sarah C. said...

I've never done any of those things. ;) Feeling your pain though - I lost my hair dryer one Sunday morning a few weeks ago. Ran to CVS that afternoon & bought a new one for around a $1 after coupons & Extra Care Bucks. Still mad the thing died. Oh, and I just threw it out this past weekend. Yeah, why I held onto my dead hair dryer for 3 weeks is a question even I don't know the answer too.

jill said...

your random musings are hilarious! love your way with words. thanks for the laugh...sorry it's at your expense ;)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Wow DAN Fogelburg! He was a childhood favorite.

Those Peppermint Mochas must taste real good.. Is that coffee or just chocolate?

Connie said...

I second your advice about not ironing clothes when they are on your person. The pointy tip of a hot iron was not branded on my chest, but it did hit my neck, causing what looked like a very serious hickey. And yes, this happened when I was in high school. Luckily it was winter and I could cover it up with turtleneck sweaters!

toners said...

Hmmmm...I haven't done any of those, ever :) And even if I have, I'm not telling! DD did shove a bead up her nose - two days in a row!

Liesbeth said...

Found your blog through the 2Peas blog challenge... You have a great style of writing!

jp said...

So some of you have experienced the very things I discussed in purely hypothetic terms?? That is amazing!! :-)

Sarah - I hang on to dead appliances in the hope they will come back to life. Is that your hope, too? :-)

Jill - Glad to provide some levity in your day! :-)

Gingerkitty -- Peppermint Mocha is a coffee drink. Give one a try before they're gone!!

Connie - I am not sure I believe that story! You can try to tell me it was an iron that caused it, but I'm skeptical... ;-)

Toni - Yep, my DD did the bead thing, too. Hope yours came out OK! The sad thing is that I wasn't referring to my DD's incident...but that's all I'm sayin'...

Liesbeth - Thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by!