23 December 2007

Photo Calendar

Whew! I just finished up a calendar to give to my parents. I'm an only child, and DD is also an only child and grandchild, so they love calendars with photos of her.

Last year, I used a 6x6 pre-made calendar base by Boxer Productions. I liked the size, but I didn't like having to fill in all the numbers with microscopic stickers, so this year I made my own. I set up a table in Word for each month and just cut/pasted the numbers. Much faster!

My finished calendar pages are 6x6 and the photos are 4x6, so there was very little trimming involved. I chose photos that were taken in each month of the year. Thank goodness for digital photography! I'm thankful to be able to easily select and print out the photos for these kinds of projects.

And the best part is that I had plenty of cardstock and even leftover Karen Foster calendar paper from last year's project, so I actually didn't have to purchase a thing to create it. AND I used up supplies in the process.

(And we all know what that means: Room - and reason - to buy more!)


toners said...

Great job! What a perfect gift :)

Maureen said...

Wow, what a great idea... and I love your work; so great. I know your parents are going to adore it! How the heck do you find the time to make these at the last minute? I am so busy cleaning now, I just had a few moments to make hubby a birthday card; never mind whole calendar! Happy Holidays, Janet, to you and yours.

Cheri said...

You are so good at using up "leftovers" and making it look AWESOME!:) Great job, Janet; you've done it again. Thanks for some new inspiration!

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful calendar! WTG using up some of your supplies. I agree - it means time to treat yourself to more. ;) LOL

:: gingerkitty :: said...

awesome work and idea. Love how easy you make everythng sound.

jp said...

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for your sweet comments! :-)

Maureen - This was a last minute project b/c I completely put it off! In my mind, I knew what I wanted to make but just didn't get to it. :-) The only thing I put off more was cleaning!!

I love easy projects like this. And my parents really enjoyed it, too, so that made it even better!