06 December 2007

Personal challenge: Make cards from scraps

I've challenged myself again this year to make all of my Christmas cards from scraps. I made some of my cards this way last year and felt pretty good about the results, so I decided to try it again.

Earlier this fall, I made a few projects using some of the newer Christmas lines, such as this one by Making Memories. I ended up with a lot of leftover odds and ends, so
rather than put all of that seasonal stuff away, I saved everything in a box for Christmas cards.

As you can see, each card is different, mainly because I typically have only one of a particular item. But I also can
't stand to make more than one of anything...it's a little quirk of mine!

Based on our Christmas card list, I would guess that I need to make at least 50 cards. Based on my stash of leftover supplies, I could probably make twice that many. I love using up leftover product, so this is a good challenge for me.

Plus I'll do almost anything to avoid putting stuff away!


Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous cards! Such a wonderful use of your scraps. Love all the unique designs. :)

Linda said...

Great cards! I should really do that with my scrap too.

toners said...

Great job! I love them all!! I agree - it does get old making so many of the same card; my limit is about 3 of one design :)

Cheri said...

Those are beautiful! Good job using up leftovers too; it's a great idea at any time of the year.