31 January 2008

Wedding invitations

I've been working on a few samples of wedding invitations for Memory Bound. Over the past few days, I've made ten different kinds of invitations with response cards. These are a few of my favorites.

Each year when I make sample wedding invitations, I have to come up with names, venues, and even food choices for fake receptions. One year, the groom's name was Damien (my first cat). This year,
we have Claire and Lucas, sometimes referred to as Luke. On another invitation (not pictured here), Claire marries some other guy. ;-) I obviously have no control over Claire.

Note that I used adhesive-backed "bling" diamonds on the black
and white invitation. For some reason, one piece looks strangely gold in the photo.

And oops -- I capita
lized the name of the venue on the brown and blue invitation. I didn't correct it since the samples are for design purposes only. I think Lucas will understand. It's the least of his worries. :-)

Thought I'd better share some of these today, lest you think I've gone into business making cat wigs.

Based on that little venture, I think I'd better keep my day job.



Sharon said...

Are you advertising for the Maple Street Christian Church in Portland, Oregon?

I liked the one with the blue. In case you are taking a poll.

Maureen said...

Wow, these are nice. Love the "characters" and "settings" you have invented for them... (LOL at your lack of control over Claire).

Beautiful work, as always Janet.

Cheri said...

Very elegant! May Claire live happily ever after, no matter which prince she chooses;)

toners said...

The blue and brown one is gorgeous! Is Lily too young to get married? :) And that Claire is such a rebel - there's one in every family, isn't there?

Darcey said...

Beautiful invitations!