21 January 2008

My Easy-Bake Oven

In keeping with my recent "retro" theme, allow me to share with you my happy little Easy-Bake Oven. This is not just any Easy-Bake Oven, mind you. It's the original model, circa 1963.

My Easy-Bake still has all the original pieces -- the rolling pin, bowl, measuring spoon, and baking trays. I even have the original cookbook. And, as you can see from the happy little glow of the light bulb, it still works just fine.

Growing up, I would make cookies and cakes and have them ready for Dad when he got home from work. No matter how bad they tasted, he always ate them and raved about the quality.

We eventually packed away the Easy-Bake, bringing it back out when Daughter was three or four years old. She, too, frequently baked cookies and cakes. And we dutifully complimented her on the quality.

After Daughter moved on to the "big girl" oven, I didn't pack away the Easy-Bake. After all, Easy-Bake is more my speed anyway.

In fact, I still have a few cookie mixes on hand. Methinks today might be a good day to whip up a batch. The quality is excellent, ya know.


Sarah C. said...

How cool to still have your Easy-Bake and all the pieces! :)

Maureen said...

Great photo... makes me pine for mine... which was green, I think. May I drop by for some cookies or cake?

I'll bring Starbucks for us, and Starbucks straws for Lily and Tinsel.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Hurray for Vintage Toys. Though EASy bake ovens have a cult following I am sure. I was lucky My parent let me use the real oven in the house. ANd boy did I bake rock hard cakes!

Sharon said...

Sounds good to me. What time are these cookies and cakes being served? It is no surprise that you have your Easy Bake Oven.

toners said...

Wow...that's amazing that you still have your Easy-Bake Oven! Great post :) And thank you for your well wishes :)

Linda said...

THa tis really cool you still have your Easybake oven. It is so much more cooler than the ones they are selling today.

Lida said...

That is so cool, I didn´t have one of those and always wanted it.

Teresa Loop said...

Cool that the oven still works too! I never got to have one of those - was jealous of the girls that did.... hey, maybe that's why I'm not that into cooking as an adult??

Staci said...

How cool is this! I had a Holly Hobby oven. Wish I had kept it!

jp said...

Sarah and Toni-This is one time I'm happy I have a little bit of pack-rat in me! :-)

Maureen-Yes, the other color in 1963 was apparently teal/green. My mother doesn't care for teal, so she tracked down a yellow one. And Starbucks with Easy-Bake cookies?? Sounds great to me. And Lily and Tinsel, too. :-)

Gingerkitty-My mom TRIED to get me to use the real oven...no such luck! Still don't like it too much! But my Easy-Bake...That's my kind of baking!! ;-)

Sharon-What? You're not surprised I have my EB Oven?? Am I that transparent? :-) he he

Linda-I agree...the old ones are the best!

Lida and Teresa-Yep, I am sooo happy I still have it. It's fun to play with now and then!

Staci-I haven't seen a Holly Hobbie oven! I'll have to check that out!

Jill said...

How cute! That's one of those toys I think that my mom never saw any use for - didn't see why I couldn't just use the regular oven. I don't think I ever had one. Mom was a little too practical that way & unfortunately for my kids I turned out that way too.