26 January 2008

Every Week Project: Revisited

At the first of the month, I posted about starting this little album which I made last April in a class taught by Danelle Johnson. I deliberately waited until this month to start it, because I wanted the album to contain a full calendar year of photos.

Of course, I was a little worried about whether I would remember to follow through and add photos for the month of January, but I
actually did!

I selected a
nd printed four photos that represented the month for me, then I journaled on the opposite page about each one. I added just a little bit of embellishment and ink and called it good! It really took no time at all.

I'm leaving this album out on my desk where I will see it, and at the end of each month, I'll add my photos and everyday kinds of stories.

And at the end of the year, it will be done! YAY!


Sarah C. said...

What a great album! I love the simplicity of it. So pretty. Looking forward to seeing more of it as the year progresses. :)

toners said...

Very, very pretty! And simple too! This kind of project would make a great gift :)

jp said...

Sarah-Thank you! It should be easy to keep up with, since all I have to do is add photos and journaling each week.

Toni-Thanks! I love simple things. You're right...It would be a nice gift for a non-scrapbooking friend!

Lida said...

So pretty and so easy and what an awesome idea!!!

Jill said...

Very pretty!

Cheri said...

Super cool! And now you even have a head start in printing 2008 photos!:)