22 January 2008

Ali-inspired project

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending our monthly book club at Memory Bound. We're reading Ali Edwards' latest book, Life Artist. Several people brought wonderful projects to share, some based on the book and others not. The beauty of book club is that it's fairly unstructured. Anyone is welcome, with or without anything to share!

One of the projects I like from Ali's book is one in which she uses a set of alphabet index cards to make a little "everyday" kind of album. I picked up a set of these cards last week and decided to make a mini-album as a place to store photos of some of my favorite projects. I make a lot of stuff, but because much of it is for the store or given as gifts, often all I have left is a photo. I thought it might be fun to have
a place to house photos of my favorites, rather than just leave them in a file on my computer.

The book was super-easy to put together, which is why it appealed to me. I printed my photos, used the handy-dandy Crop-a-Dile to make holes in the cards and photos, and clamped it all together with my beloved metal rings. It may seem peculiar, but I make an effort to take photos of everything I make. I use the photos in instructions (if I need to write them), but also as a record for myself. Sometimes when creativity wanes, it helps to look back over past projects. Obviously, this book is a work in progress which will grow as I print more photos. In addition, I'd like to jot some notes about each project. I'm still working on that.

In addition to the Making Memories journaling paper, I used some of my hoarded Scenic Route paper on this mini-album. And the button is from my friend, Sharon, who recently cleaned out her button stash and shared the love with folks in book club. Sharon's buttons are one-of-a-kind and will be great additions to projects like this.

AND, as an added bonus, I made up a word last night for the process of using hoarded stash: DE-HOARDIFICATION.

I like it. I need to do much more of it.


toners said...

I need to do some de-hoardification myself :) I love that Making Memories line...so cute!

Sarah C. said...

What an awesome album! I also photo (or scan) all of my projects. I'll thumb through them from time to time for a bit of inspiration. :)

Linda said...

Your book is so pretty! I take photos of everything I do too. I am slowly working on de-hoardification (great word!) it is one of my goals for this year.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

hoardification. HUH. send it to websters I am sure they will approve it!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love the word de-hoardification.
Totally funny!

The book is awesome. I love how you did it and that might just be a fun new project for me to start on.

I just love what you did with it and its total cuteness factor. Love it!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love it! This came out adorable - must try one of these!

Jill said...

That's so pretty! I wish I had taken pictures of some of the stuff I've made and given away. I took jewelry making in high school & my mom has one ring I made, but everything else I gave away.

Anonymous said...

Dehordification, this spoken by the lady who stills owns her 1963 easy bake oven with mixes, HA!

jp said...

Thank you, guys! Fun project. The only "issue" is having to open up the darn rings and re-string all the pages every time I add a photo! LOL

And Sabrina -- the only time I will use "de-hoardification" is related to sb supplies...everything else (including the Spirograph and Easy-Bake) stays!! :-)

Maureen said...

Beautiful album Janet!

De-hoardification... yup, I'm in serious need of that.

Lida said...

That mini book looks so pretty, might need to copy the project is really cool!