23 January 2008

The Organized and a Bit More Inspired Scrapbooker

If you read the previous post, you may recall that I've been reading The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker. Reading the book confirmed that I'm relatively organized but not inspired by my space. I decided to make some changes so that I'd actually WANT to be in my space. Inspiration, I need you!

The small photo at the top shows my shelves prior to my reorganization "blitz". The collage shows my newly organized, and slightly more inspiring, space. It may not look like much, but after spending some time re-configuring my little area, I think it is more functional and more inspirational. I am seriously lacking in the "decor" department, but that will have to come later. (Actually, that will come as soon as Spouse goes out of town. Then I'll hang some pictures that I purchased awhile back for this room.)

With my goal of "spend no money", here's what I did to improve the look and feel of my space:

* I moved my shelving unit closer to my tables so that all of my scrapbooking stuff is in one part of the room, rather than spread all around.
* I rearranged everything on the shelves so that like items are together (all the photo boxes are in one area, all the books in another, etc.)
* I covered the fronts of the magazine holders in black cardstock. (Previously, they were covered in shades of green.)
* I moved all of my memorabilia accordion files to the area below my printer. (Previously, they were on multiple shelves in various parts of the room.)
* I moved my tables so that, when sitting, I face into the room, rather than the wall. (Mind you, I NEVER work at the table. I only work on the floor, so we'll see if this new arrangement changes my habits.)
* I re-purposed some stacking drawers from another room in the house and moved my wood-mounted stamps and punches to them. (Previously these items were stored on the table.)
* I moved my drawing table to be closer to the shelving unit and window. It was sitting in a dark area of the room and getting little use.

Photo collage, left to right:
1. Drawers under my tables -- containing scraps (WAY too many), punches, wood-mounted stamps, painting supplies, and ink pads.
2. Magazines and idea books on my shelves (still too many magazines...I'm working my way through them, putting ideas in my inspiration binders)
3. Basket of new mini-albums and items to alter.
4. My shelving unit and drawing table. Pens are in the galvanized tins on the table.
5. My two tables, in L-shape formation. These are inexpensive folding tables from Target. They are not super-sturdy, but since I don't sit at them anyway, they work for now. :-) The big basket contains mini-albums in progress (lots to finish up here) and the small basket contains chipboard. Two small galvanized tins (not shown) hold adhesives and my Bazzill swatch books.
6. Cardstock, patterned paper, inspiration binders, and full-sized albums on my shelves.
7. My cutting and tools "station". This is an old printer stand that Spouse found on the curb. It's really sturdy and is a great height for cutting. Can't beat the price.
8. My shelves from Home Depot. Since they are wire, I placed leftover floor tiles on each shelf to create a smooth surface. The second shelf holds my albums in progress (WAY too many). The top shelf holds my boxes with photos to scrapbook. (I have at least that many more photo boxes stored in a cupboard elsewhere in the house.) As you can see, I have plenty of scrapbooking to do. :-) This is why I need inspiration!
9. My Canon i9900 wide format printer and stand. I love this printer and use it all the time. On the bottom shelf are my memorabilia files, organized in month/year order.

This room also functions as our home office, so on the other side, you'll find a large desk with my computer and laser printer. There is also a dollhouse, perpetually under construction, which used to sit where the shelves are now. Now it sits where the shelves used to be. There is also a walk-in closet which is pretty much filled with Daughter's school memorabilia, organized by year in plastic tubs.

After completing this little project, I still have a pile of scrapbooking items that I need to store. They really need to be sorted first -- some are probably good candidates to give away or sell at a garage sale. In addition, I need to label the drawers once I figure out if I like where I have stored everything.

But in general, I'm happier with the way things look and function now. I have less "visual clutter" and a slightly more cohesive look. Although it's far from my "ideal" space, it's certainly more inviting than it was.

Can't wait for that inspiration to hit!


Sarah C. said...

Your reorganization is wonderful! What a great space to create in. :)

Jill said...

Gee whiz! I thought I did okay just moving some dishes around in the cabinets yesterday!! :-0 :-0 :-0 Congrats - that must feel great!

Sherri said...

It looks very inspiring. You've been busy. I may have to look into that book because like you I feel I'm fairly organized but not always so inspired.

jill said...

looks great! the o and i scrapbooker is one of my favorite books. i read it front to back before setting up my new studio.

Katy said...

OOOOOH!! I really am impressed with what you've done.

AND, you've given me my topic for my update today!

Linda said...

Your room looks good, I hope inspiration comes soon

toners said...

You are doing an amazing job - making the rest of us look bad! Ha ha!

Shirley Fyfe said...

Wow - you've done a great job! Here's hoping you find it VERY inspiring!

Lida said...

Great ideas for organization, this weekend I¨m doing that on the scraproom and I´m terrified, but I know is all for the best.

Rachael said...

Lookin' good!!

you go, girl!!!

jp said...

Thx to everybody for stopping by! Your encouragement really helped! :-) Now I haven't actually DONE anything in my little corner yet, but it could happen any time now! Thanks for stopping by -- Janet

wendy smedley said...

Looking good thanks for sharing!

chelemom said...

What an awesome scrap space!