03 January 2008

Random musings for this week

It's the end of the holiday season, and I've collected a few new random musings (which may or may not be seasonal in nature) for our collective perusal and reflection. Be forewarned (Spouse, I'm talking to you) that this is yet another blog post without a point. Readers are encouraged to make their own points.

* Watch HGTV these days and you're bound to learn about Mighty Putty. You slice off this stuff like you'd cut through a hot dog, warm it up in your hand, then stick it to whatever needs stuck. Mighty Putty sticks handles to cups, repairs aquariums, and even sticks shelves to walls. Mr. Mighty Putty Guy says it will hold up to 350 pounds. Watch the entire commercial and you'll even see Mighty Putty pulling a big rig truck. Seriously.

* After learning about Mighty Putty, you may notice that many rooms on HGTV decorating shows are being painted olive green or gold. I've even heard them use the word "Tuscan". I have not, however, heard anyone say they were trying for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" look, which we recently achieved in our bathroom. But hey - I'm happy that our colors are in style, at least for a few months.

* I would really like to see a moose in the wild. The only moose I have seen in real life was at the Minneapolis zoo. It was so hot on that particular day that the moose was standing in a pond with only the tips of his antlers visible. I should very much like to see the entire moose, please.

* Cinnamon rolls bake much faster if you actually turn on the oven.

* Last year, my word of the year was "ORDER". I didn't do so well with my word of the year. In fact, I've created chaos in some areas. So this year, I'm having a do-over. My word of the year will again be ORDER. In fact, until further notice (or until ORDER is achieved, whichever comes first), my word will be ORDER.

In retrospect, maybe last year I wasn't as committed as I needed to be to the word ORDER. I do recall being concerned with using certain red chipboard letters on the front of my chipboard album and only having so much room for the title. I believe I was missing a few key letters, too, which complicated the operation. Yep, ORDER was about the only word I could spell that would fit. Fine way to determine a life goal, huh?

* Lily loves grapefruit. I've never known a cat to eat grapefruit. But it's slimming, and she could use a little of that, coming off the holiday season.

* I love the word extruded (it's a fancy word for squirted -- well, it's more complicated than that, but you get the idea). Did you know that Cheetos are considered an extruded snack? We saw a History Channel program yesterday about snack foods and they showed Cheetos being extruded. Seriously, the extruded Cheetos (before cutting) were four or five feet long! I am not lying! Get this: The guy who fixed the small holes in our countertop told me that solid surface countertops are extruded, too. That's what causes the occasional air bubble which results in tiny holes. If Cheetos and countertops are extruded, it makes a person wonder what else might be, too. Don't you wonder about that? I certainly do.

* White acrylic paint by Making Memories can substitute for White Out, should you make a mistake when writing something. Came up with this all by myself. So there!

* And finally, in a recent discovery, if you drop your crock pot (containing food) and it shatters, you can pretty much bet that tiny pieces will fly everywhere, and some will stay inside the crock pot. In general, it's not a good idea to serve a dinner containing shards of pottery.

In fact, that last point would make a very good, hopefully achievable, New Year's resolution: No dinners containing shards of pottery in 2008, as much as I love the word "shards".

How about it?


Cheri said...

For moose, you must go to Jackson Hole, WY...in winter if you love to ski (me, me, me!), or in summer if you love to hike. Anyway, we saw a moose cross the road in broad daylight right in front of our bus on the way to the ski slopes:)

And if you want to see a REAL iron moose, I could get you the address of a fellow parishioner at my church who honest to God has a life-sized iron moose in her wooded backyard here in Ames. Really. I didn't believe it either at first!

Sharon said...

Does Mr. Mighty Putty Guy have a cb? How much Mighty Putty did you order? It is 1:45 a.m. and I'm reading your random musings. You are on a roll tonight. I agree that extruded and shards are good words. My family tends to get grumpy whenever I have dropped their dinner and the dish has broken.They don't care for shards. I wonder how long it will take to get "order". Right now, I'm wondering how long it will take for my eyes to go shut and for me to fall out of the chair.If you should hear a bump in the night, it is only me.

Connie said...

The first time we went to Canada, hubby swears he saw a "Moose Crossing" sign along the road (I was sleeping at the time.) However, we never saw another sign like it, and never saw a moose, either. Almost 20 years later, I still don't believe he ever really saw the sign, and he still gets teased about it.

Sarah C. said...

What a great list! You had me cracking up the entire time. BTW, love the photo in the sidebar of Lily's feet. :)

jp said...

Cheri-I'm so envious of your moose encounter! Did you get a picture of said moose? I can imagine the iron moose would be quite decorative, but I'm still holding out for the real thing.

Sharon-You should be in bed! Don't think Mr. Mighty Putty Guy has a CB (this is a technical term that Sharon taught me for "cute butt"). No, in fact I'm SURE he doesn't have a CB. :-)

Connie-Now why don't you believe your hubby? I think that sounds like a very plausible sign, being in Canada. In fact, we have a Pony Crossing sign on our back door. ALso very plausible! (I should explain that sometime.)

Sarah-I thought you might enjoy that photo, seeing how you have a kitty paw photo on your blog! She sits with her feet lined up like that all the time! It's the only precise thing that Lily does, believe me! :-)

Linda said...

This was a great post, I was giggling the entire time. Love the idea for using paint as white out, I'm going to have to remeber that one!

jill said...

My word of the year is TIME!
The mighty puddy commercials play constantly.
Re the crockpot...good to know :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

You voice Rocks. i love the way you write. So funnY!!!

toners said...

LOL! Now you have me curious about Mighty Putty! Especially the truck part :)

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Hey I seen that Mighty Putty! I thought I was just up too late watching television! Very funny post!

Alyssa said...

I've seen the Mighty Putty commercial...and so has my 5 year old son. He is fond of infomercials right now and has told me all the great features of both Mighty Putty and the Ov-glove...so funny. BTW...love the bathroom remodel!