16 January 2007

In Search of Order

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a bit about the word I'm going to focus on for 2007: ORDER. If not for the challenge posed by Ali Edwards, I would never have done this sort of thing. This little word is going to help me make progress in 2007.

At the same time I was pondering the word, a book club meeting was coming up at the store where I teach. Those of us in book club had been provided with a set of really wonderful products back in December, and they sat on my floor unopened until the morning of book club. I am not normally a last-minute person, but I certainly was that day. It occurred to me that I should create some sort of album or journal to document my search for order. (As a side note, I talked to my friend Darci that morning about the project, and I told her I was also thinking about the word "authenticity", which may well be my word for next year. She told me to stick to "order" since it was easier to spell! So "order" it is, thanks to Darci!)

I cut the pages of the Karen Foster chipboard album in staggered fashion, then cover the pages with Scenic Route paper or cardstock. I incorporated a few stamps and tabs and when I finished, I realized the album wouldn't close. DUH! So I pulled out half the pages and bound them with metal rings. Two albums for the price of one, I thought.

Well, that night at book club, Linda and Mollie suggested that I attach the leftover pages to the back cover of the album, with the staggered pages going the opposite direction. I never would have thought of that and could not quite envision how it might look. But with trusty Crop-a-Dile in hand, I punched holes in the back cover and attached the remaining pages with the metal rings. Not only did it work, but it turned out really cool. Now I just sit and open and close the album because I love how it fits together, thanks to them!

I divided the pages into three sections: physical, emotional, and spiritual. I am planning to explore "ORDER" in those three areas, starting with physical. For quite some time, I've been feeling "weighted down" by stuff in my life, and I'm now officially on a mission to create order in my environment. This weekend, I purchased a book about organizing and de-cluttering and am in the process of setting goals (to be recorded in the album) and clearing out small areas of clutter. I hope to post about my progress and document it in the album as I go along. I'm one of those people who never gets rid of anything, so this may be a very, very long process.

As I created the album, I noticed that the words on the SR paper actually correspond to the areas I'm targeting, which I thought was kind of neat:

* physical order = keep it simple (de-clutter and simplify)
* emotional order = find balance (set goals)
* spiritual order = live your passion (focus on important things in life)

So look for more to come on this in the coming weeks and months. I figure if I post my goals publicly, I'm more likely to meet them. I'm counting on this blog to keep me on track in my search for order.


Sharon said...

You are off to a good start, Janet. The book is made and you have de-cluttered for one week-end. How are things going this week? Are you finding some "order"?
How about posting the recipe for the scones. I love scones.

Lynda J P said...

omg what a great idea, i didn't understand how to incorporate "the word" in an album. but now after seeing yours and your word, i see how it can work. my word is "strive" and now the light (in my freezin head) came on and see many possibilties to journal it. thanx for the push of inspiration.