02 January 2007

Target Dollar Spot Mailbox

I don't know about you, but I routinely check the Target Dollar Spot for scrapbooking items, or for goodies that could be altered. Last week, I spotted white and red mailboxes with the Valentine's Day merchandise. I immediately picked up a white one, and I probably should have bought more, because I haven't been able to find them since that day. In the same section, I also found some magnets that look like decorated sugar cookies. I thought I'd put those on the fridge, but then I noticed how cute they looked on the mailbox.

So for the past week, the plain white mailbox with the cookie magnets has been sitting on my desk, waiting for a new outfit. This afternoon, I finally pulled out the Ki paper I had hoped to use and quickly noticed that the pink did not match the cookie magnets, so I reached for the old MAMBI Chester paper instead. An hour later, the mailbox was done and ready for mail.

Now if I ever get a real scraproom (*hint, hint*), I would put this little guy on a shelf just outside the door. Not really for mail, but just for effect. Mail or no mail, the Target Dollar Spot Mailbox is a Good Thing.


Maureen said...

Thats really cute. I have to check my local Target to see if we have any of those. Thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

You are really tearing through the projects. That is really cute, Janet.