01 January 2007

Super-Simple Thank You Notes (or Fun with Really Old Stuff)

Happy New Year!

I'm feeling the need today, as on each January 1, to get organized. I have fought the urge all day to go to Target and purchase plastic tubs, as I need to de-clutter many things in my little world... notably the basement, which fell victim to a failed sump pump this morning. Water seeped in and covered a portion of the floor in our storage area. Thankfully, nothing was ruined, but things are now in a mighty disarray.

Part of getting organized, for me, is tying up loose ends, one of which was making and writing thank you notes for Christmas gifts. Do you recall the Christmas cards I made from scraps awhile back? I saved a few odds and ends from those products to create some super-simple thank you notes. I also dug around in my stash and found some very old Ki die-cut squares in fun colors that were just waiting to become cards.
You will notice right away that these cards are nearly all the same design, just with different stuff. My DH said that they have that IKEA look. I don't know if he meant that in a good way or not. I say "good", since they are now done and ready to be mailed tomorrow.
What to tackle next? The list is endless. More to come on that.


Sharon said...

Great cards, Janet. Hey, I have some of that stuff. I still need to make the sympathy card. My problem is always what color to use. I thought that I had some Bazzill chip toppers for that occasion. Alas, alack I do not. Ah, I do believe that I am getting a glimmer of an idea.

Noelia said...

They do have that IKEA look and that is always a GOOD thing! I loved your Christmas cards from a previous post and these are just as beautiful. Good luck getting your basement cleaned up. TFS