31 January 2007

Accordion Envelope Book

Yesterday, I made this little accordion envelope book as another take-home project for the store where I teach. When I brought the book home awhile back, I wasn't sure what I'd do with it. It was butter-colored and tied with a brown checkered ribbon, so paper choices would be somewhat limited.

In browsing through the store, I spotted the Junkitz Laguna Guy paper line. Green and teal with a light yellow base, the color and retro-look patterns really appealed to me, and it was a great match for the book. As it happens, the book is made by Junkitz, too.

So I set to work cutting photo cards and covering the front and back of each envelope with patterns from the paper line. I replaced the brown ribbon with an olive green one, added the verses of a poem about friendship to the front of the envelopes, and in no time at all, it was done.

Very easy and very fun. I kind of needed that yesterday.


Maureen said...

What a cute book. Do you buy the book made that way or do you have intsruction you could share with me. I would love to try and make one of these books. Great book!

Sharon said...

Janet, this is great. I am not a Junkitz fan, but this all works very well together. I'll have to watch for the project. I have someone in mind to make it for.

amberley said...

Great mini book! I've been planning on making one of these and this just looks beautiful!