12 January 2007

Feline Friday: Big Little Kitty, Revisited

A few months ago, I shared some photos of one of Lily's many ventures into the doll house, perpetually under construction in the corner of my scrapbook area. At that time (see photo below), she was still a small kitten and could maneuver through the doorways with relative ease while doing a little re-decorating.

Well, just in time for Feline Friday...SHE'S BACK,
bigger than ever!

Never one to leave well-enough alone, Super-Sized Lily has now completed a dramatic overhaul of the first floor. On this visit, she quickly discovered that she can no longer exit through the front door or windows and, in fact, had to be extracted (under protest) by a giant hand.


Lynn said...

I just love it! I so look forward to Fridays, just to see what Lily is up to. How cute. I know it if frustrating for you, but we get a little chuckle. Thanks for sharing

Sharon said...

I wonder how she will get in when she can no longer fit through the door. Lily, I predict, will find a way.

I, too, look forward to Feline Friday.

Sofia said...

LOL Love the pictures! That's so cute and I agree that your Feline Fridays are awesome.

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! That is so cute! Love the photos!!