03 January 2007


So it appears that this would be the week for mailboxes. I don't recall ever working with mailboxes in the past. Now in two days, I've played with two mailboxes.

This week, I'm working on some additional take-home projects for the store where I teach. I'm doing a couple right now using the "ginormous" Heidi Swapp flowers. For the first project, I thought it might be fun to use this Valentine's Day mailbox and tag set by Karen Foster. After I made the mailbox, I got a bit carried away making goodies to go inside it. This involved a trip to the Walgreens to buy some Lifesavers and candy bars to cover and some intense digging for old suckers in the candy jar, since I could find no suitable suckers at Walgreens. (Incidentally, the candy jar was filled with all kinds of unidentifiable, crumbling candy, but no usable suckers, so I had to make a fake one, not unlike the fake food you see in front of restaurants.)

Anyway, the mailbox and tags come as a set. Instructions are provided by Karen Foster only for the mailbox. I created a few goodies to go inside the mailbox using the die-cut tags, ribbon, a bit of matching paper and cardstock, and a few "XOXO" stamps. I challenged myself to use everything in the set. It all fits inside the mailbox and would make a special gift for someone you love this Valentine's Day.
Ummm...except the fake sucker.


Lynn said...

I just love those mailboxes. I've never worked with them before either. I might have to now that I've seen what you've done with them. Great tags and love those HUGE flowers.

Jan said...

Those are all very cute!!

Maureen said...

Those little mailboxes are so cute.

Amber said...

Those are amazing!