18 January 2007


In my quest for order, I cleared out this plastic, lidless container used for hanging files. As soon as it was empty of paper, it was full of Lily. Since discovering it, she's been hanging out in it most of the time. We love seeing her little paws pressed up against the sides. I'm calling it Lilyware, the Plastic Container for Cats.


Sharon said...

Great idea, Janet. Lilyware for kitty cats. I think that you are onto something here. Keep those pics coming.

Maureen said...

Awww...Lily gets into the best places, doesn't she? Love the photos...esp the paws.

That's a cat for you; empty a box, bag, or drawer, and a cat will jump in. (Having two cats myself, I can relate)!

EquineSpirit said...

ROFL! What self respecting cat can possibly turn down jumping into an empty tote?!? I have seven cats and not a one can resist! LOL!