17 January 2007

Tinsel's Cabeza Grande

Notice: The following is another story with no point.

So yesterday was the day for Tinsel's check-up and vaccinations. After pushing her into her carrier, she rode relatively well to the vet's office, with only a few piteous meeee-owwwws for dramatic effect. After six months of being chased by Lily, she now weighs in at around 10 pounds, almost a full pound lighter than at her last check-up. I was relieved that the strange thickening I recently noticed on her right ear is most likely a congenital defect (no doubt her ONLY defect) or the result of an injury before she came to live with us. Her back toenails have been clipped, and Tinsel is looking mighty fine, according to the vet.

It occurred to us recently that Tinsel's head is really quite large for her body. (No, I did not happen to ask the vet about this.) She's not a large breed of cat, so one wouldn't expect to find such a large head on a 10-pound cat body. Lily is now almost as tall as Tinsel, yet her head is considerably smaller. Of course, Lily is younger, but she is very close to being full grown, so one would think that their heads would be closer in size. In addition, when Tinsel is irritated (as in this photo), her ears swivel back, making her look a bit like an owl.

And? Your point?

There is none. Just some observations.

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