04 January 2007

My Word

On Ali Edwards' blog this week, she challenged people to come up with a single word that would be a focus for this year. Last year, her word was PLAY. In everything she did throughout the year, she tried to be mindful of that word. As I've read blogs this week, I've noticed that some scrapbookers are choosing their own words for 2007 based on Ali's challenge.

I really hadn't given much thought to selecting a word for myself until this afternoon, when the word ORDER just popped into my head. Hey, maybe ORDER should be my word, I thought to myself.

If you know me, that word will not come as a surprise. I am a person who needs order (some would call that "control") in my life. I'm sure that people who know me think that my life is perfectly ordered. But the truth is that right now, and for quite awhile, I have felt a lack of order in my life. Lack of order manifests itself in many ways for me: visual clutter, missing goals, unclear processes, and loose ends. Lack of order creates tension in my life.

So, for now at least, the word for 2007 is going to be ORDER. And I have 3 big, empty blue bins from Target just waiting for me to put that word into action.

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